One Knight (Chapter 3) – They Tell Of Dragons

One Knight (Chapter Three) – They Tell of Dragons


A Novel

by DarkJade (Written 2011/Unedited)


Chapter One

Chapter Two

Chapter 2.5

CHAPTER THREE; They Tell of Dragons

It was only a matter of a few days before Tyrion and Jade had packed, and prepared for their journey West to the Province of Prask, and the Newly Built Tananhall Keep.

Accompanying them would be both Tyrion’s Squire, Enre, and Jades Lady’s Girl, Ree. In addition, seventeen of Maelem’s best Knights have been assigned to guard the Keep well Tyrion builds his own Guard. As these are no longer times of War, they have also been allowed to bring their Wives and Children. This would make for quite a jovial journey.

The Acting Captain of this now named Tananhall Guard, is a Knight by the name Natum. With short brown hair, and a thick mustache, Natum is a strong and capable Fighter, his swordsmanship equally matched by his keen Leadership. He was a worthy choice, one made by King Maelem himself.

The Lead Cavalier, as there are only Four Cavalier in total, is Tyrion’s closest friend, though in War he was more regarded as his Greatest Comrade, Ahnug. Now Ahnug was quite cantankerous, with his long black hair, ragged black beard, and some would even say his eyes were black, either that or a dark blue of depths never known. Ahnug was the eldest of the Knights, being in his early forties, but do not mention this to him, or it will be the end of yah. With this, he brings great wisdom, or at least wisdom which he sometimes chooses, should it best suit him at the time. His Horsemanship is unparalleled, and his Spirit, unbreakable.

The Lead Foot Soldier, in which there are eight, was Pepen, a long and lanky lad, with dirty blond hair, and small eyes. Tyrion did not know him as well, as this was a new title for Pepen, he’d always been a regular foot soldier himself, word has it he’s very agile, and loyal.

Lastly there was Kon… Lead Archer, of which there are four. Now Kon was not pleased to be leaving Maelem, but Tyrion desires a great many Archers to be trained for his Keeps Guard, and Kon is just the man to do it. He has medium reddish brownish hair, and is of a medium build.

As the caravan began it’s way west, it was a beautiful day. Vast blue skies, fluffy white, promising clouds. A promise of a new life.

As the Province of Praske was some three to four hundred miles away, it would be a hand full of days before they would arrive. And in traveling there they would needs make their way through and beyond Shadowmyth‘s supposed birth place, The Valley of Jjor. And Tor’Hum‘s supposed Prison, Ardent’s Stowe. Who is Shadowmyth? He is the Ancient Dragon of Legends past… Or so the stories tell. But it had been so long since anyone had seen a Dragon, Legend has made it’s subtle way into Myth. And Mtyth into obscurity. And there it has stayed.

Shadowmyth was said to be The Great Spark… The First known Dragon to exist. The Wise one… The Strong one. Now Tor’Hum is a different story… He was the youngest of eight Heirs of Shadowmyth, and the most Treachorous. For it was he, and he alone that lead the Human Armies, and Wizards of Paren, to the Dragon’s Lair… And there that all but Shadomyth and  Tor’hum did Perish.

This broke Shadowmyst’s Heart, as there had been peace between Man and Dragon for some hundreds of years. And as of that day, it was destroyed.

As a last act of Justice, Shadowmyth carried his own son, talons buried deep within him, as Tor’hum clawed and breathed at Shadowmyth the whole way, and secured him in the Rock Prison that is Ardent’s Stowe… A deep cave within the middle of the Valley of Jjor’s Pass… That was to be his Tomb… His Fate… His Destiny.

After this Shadowmyth made his way to the Kingdom of Maelem, which was ruled by King Maelems Great Ancestor. Rumor has it he spoke to the King, and then died there before the Great Castle.

A great Funeral and Service was held in his honor, for Shadowmyth had always symbolized peace in the land… And with his death… So died peace as well.

But there was more… Ah, but that can wait

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