Music Path

Somewhere Before The Age Of 5 (The First Song I Can Remember From A 45 With An Orange Label/Released 1969)

The Next Song I Remember Liking, Still Before The Age Of 5 (Released In 1972)

After That The Order Blurs (I Can’t Find Actual Tracks Of Supertramp’s Music On Youtube, But Here’s A Later Live Version Of My Favorite Song When I Was 6, 7, or 8 (Released 1974)

My Favorite Beetles Album Was Abbey Road, Something Was My Favorite Song, Later Found Out It’s Also My Dad’s Favorite Beetles Album, But I Grew Up With My Mom (Released 1969, On My First Birthday Actually)

Later Came My Favorite All Time Singer, Freddy Mercury (Released 1975)

Elton’s Goodbye Yellow Brick Road Album (Released 1973)

Star Wars (1977) and The Empire Strikes Back (1980) Filled Most Of My Thoughts Between 1977-1980

Though There Was An Album From A Unique Artist From France, Jean Michelle Jarre Live In China (Released 1981)

Along Came The 80’s, And The Police Became My Favorite Band (3 Piece Band At That, Amazing Released 1983)

u2 Joshua Tree (Released 1984)

Thriller/Michael Jackson (Released 1982)

Madonna (Released 1983)

Cyndi Lauper (Released 1983)

Then It Was A Bunch Of Theater For Me As My Bro Tried To Pursue Being An Actor 1985-88

Later Came Depeche Mode (1990)

Corporate America Stuper 1991-1999

Then I Left The High Paying Job To Pursue Filmmaking

Red Hot Chili Peppers/Californiacation (Released 1999)

Linkin Park/Hybrid Theory (Released 2000)

Coldplay Clocks (Released 2002)

Orbital Halcyon (Released 1993) But First Heard It In The Movie Hackers (Which Was Released In 1996, But I Didn’t See It Until 1998 On TV, Lol But Loved This Song)

I Don’t Really Remember What I Was Listening To 2003-2010, I Started Working From Home, And Mostly Watched Old Movies Which I Hadn’t Seen Much Of, And Yankee Games, And Laker Games, And Did Some Screenplay Writing

Thought Incubus Came In At Some Point (Released 2001)

In 2011 I Created This Blog, Which Basically Started My Pursuit To Be A Writer, And Started To Listen To Evanescence (Released 2003)

And Then Came Across Kimbra’s Vows Album (Released 2011), Whose Initial Notoriety Came From Her Part In The Gotye Song Someone I Used To Know (577 Million YouTube Hits At This Point) But I Didn’t See That Until I Found Her With Some Of Her Vows Songs, This Video And Song Below Being My Favorite, Though I Think It Was Only On Her Australian/New Zealand Release Of The Album, Not On Her U.S. Version

In 2013 I Was Introduced To A Band Called Alesana, Which Was A New Type Of Music Which Includes Something Called “Screamo”, Where One Of The Singers Kinda Screams, So Not All Of You May Appreciate It… But I’m Blown Away By The Musicianship, Music, And Lyrics

And I Ended Up Liking Maroon 5 (Released 2002)

And A Band Called Trapt (Released 2008)

I Think This Gives You A General Idea Of The Types Of Music I’ve Enjoyed Along The Way

There Is Of Course Many Other Bands And Songs That I’ve Liked Away, But These Were The Main Ones In My Musical Diet

Thanks For Your Interest









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