One Knight (Chapter 4) – The Valley Of Jjor

One Knight (Chapter Four) – The Valley of Jjor


A Novel

by DarkJade (Written 2011/Unedited)


Chapter One

Chapter Two

Chapter 2.5

Chapter Three

CHAPTER FOUR; The Valley of Jjor

The Caravan wove it’s way in and out of the many rifts and cracks of The Valley of Jjor.

Pepen and his Foot Soldiers took the front, followed by Tyrion, Jade, Natum and Ahnug, who all rode side by side atop their horses.

Behind them the many wagons of the Knights Families, followed by Ahnug’s four Cavalry,  and coming up the rear are Kon and his Archers.

As night fell upon them, there was an unnerving silence within the valley walls. Torches were quickly lit, and soon they would camp for the night, where they would find nourishment, and rest. But what a place to try and sleep. It surely wouldn’t come easily.

“I and four of Pepen’s men will take first watch…” spoke Ahnug, who though brash, still looked over at Natum for approval. Natum nodded in agreement. “Our rest will only be four or five hours however, as we needs get ourselves in and out of the Valley of Jjor as quickly as possible…” all agreed with Natum.

Meanwhile Kon had noticed tracks on the ground, prior to nights fall.

Once they reached a fair opening of space, they made camp, and Kon approached Tyrion.

“There are recent tracks through here, just so you know” Tyrion nodded. He then motioned to Ahnug, who came briskly.

Jade took notice of the three of them speaking.

“Kon says there are recent tracks through the valley, so be alert” Tryion spoke to Ahnug, who nodded in reply.

“There’s more than that” Kon suddenly interjected. “They head up through there” he pointed to a path that lead into the side of the valley wall.

“Ardent’s Stowe” Ahnug spoke grimly.

“The Myth?” Tyrion questioned. “The Legend…” spoke Kon. “The Dragon” replied Ahnug. All looked at one another.

“Tor’Hum?” Jade’s sweet voice suddenly cut through the night. All of them looked at her. Ahnug growled and stepped away, as did Kon.

“You really shouldn’t listen in to others conversation my fair lady” with this Tyrion picked Jade up and swung her around. Natum approached, and Tyrion set Jade down. “Pardon my lord, but Ahnug requested that he and the four Foot Soldiers not on watch accompany him up into that side pathway–” “That’s fine” Tyrion interjected. “But is that wise sir?” Natum questioned.

Tyrion looked at him, then Ahnug who awaited the okay with four men, lastly at Jade. Then Natum again.

“You’re right” he slapped Natum on the arm “I’ll go with them”. With this Tyrion joined Ahnug. Jade sat stunned.

“That’s not exactly what I had in mind” Natum whispered under his breath.

As the caravan went to sleep, four Foot Soldiers on watch, Tyrion, Ahnug and the other four foot soldiers headed up the pathway towards Ardent’s Stowe, the supposed resting place of Tor’Hum, the great Dragon.

Suddenly Tyrion felt a tap on his shoulder as Kon passed him by “You didn’t think I’d let you leave me out of this did yah” he smiled. As it turned out, Kon was having more fun on this journey than he expected.

When they at last reached the great cave, Ardent’s Stowe, to their surprise the opening, sealed for a good hundred or so years, was open. Though such a thing could not have come easily, as hundreds of broken stones lay everywhere.

The seven men approached hesitantly, torches held high. “This is odd” spoke Ahnug.

Meanwhile Kon had broken off and was looking at three tall wooden poles sticking out of the ground that were placed side by side, with wrist chains attached to each. “No my friend” he proclaimed, drawing all’s attention “This is odd” he held up one of the chains.

Tyrion taking note of the Foot Soldiers fear “Alright, lets head back”. Ahnug looked at Tyrion in surprise, then at the men. “Perhaps you’re right, for we are few”.

“Fall back!” Ahnug proclaimed, and so they did. Save Kon who was inching his way towards the cave, then kneeled before it’s entrance, and rubbed his hand against a black patch of powder on the ground, maybe six inches in diameter. “Very odd indeed”.

Tyrion looked to Kon “Come Kon…” and so he did.

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