One Knight (Chapter 5) – Tananhall Keep

One Knight (Chapter Five) – Tananhall Keep


A Novel

by DarkJade (Written 2011/Unedited)


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Chapter Two

Chapter 2.5

Chapter Three

Chapter Four

CHAPTER FIVE; Tananhall Keep

Some four hours after Tyrion and the others had returned from Ardent’s Stowe, the caravan moved out, and was making good time.

Soon they would enter the Province of Prask, their new home.

Jade did her best to question Tyrion about their findings at Ardent’s Stowe, but he preferred to wait until they reached the Keep, before speaking of it. She finally relinquished her attempts to assess it.

During the last day of travel they had, had some rain, but as they made their final approach to the location where the Keep was supposedly constructed, the clouds, seemingly in the knowing of their arrival, parted into a perfect blue sky… And there it was… Tananhall Keep. Their new home.

Tyrion smiled in awe, and looked at Jade, who stared in shock. “It’s…”. “I know” Tyrion replied, as he took her hand.

The caravan entered the Keeps gates, and was met by some two dozen Keep Attendants, who would serve Tryion and Jade in their home. “I am not Royalty… This is madness” Tyrion proclaimed. “The fields outside the Keep look fertile, and ready for the picking” spoke Ahnug. “I’ll see that that it’s done in the morrow” Tyrion nodded.

A tall, thin balding man approached “Greetings My Lord… I am Lizandar… Your Head House Man…”. “Well met” Tyrion  replied. “Please don’t hesitate to let us know if there’s anything any of us can do to make your arrival, and settling, any more… Pleasing”. Jade smiled, and curtsied “We will” Jade spoke. Lizander seemed a little surprised that Jade had replied.

Soon night fell, and the Knights of Maelem made themselves at home, and set up a minimal guard. Tomorrow Natum and the rest would begin to bring in more men to train as Tananhall Guard. Those that took on positions, would find a home within the Keeps Walls and protection.

Later, in Tyrion and Jades new Quarters. Jade lay in an all white gown in Tyrion’s arms, both upon their dark wood four post bed. “So what of Ardent’s Stowe” Jade questioned. Tyrion did not reply at first, but began to breathe deeper. “The cave has been opened” he replied. Jade sat up in surprise “Open??”. Tyrion pulled her back down to him “Yes… But I can not guess what that is about…”. “The Dragon? Tor’Hum??” she quickly replied. Tyrion looked at her, trying to smile a bit “You don’t really believe there were ever such things as Dragon’s… Do you?”. She looked away. “I don’t suppose I know…” she looked back at him “But King Maelem would know… Wouldn’t he?”. “Well… I’m not sure, but I’ve already sent a rider with a message, telling him of our findings… So perhaps we’ll know soon enough”. The two of them then passed out, as it had been a long day of journeying.

Meanwhile at the entrance of The Valley of Jjor, the rider bearing the message to Maelem rides into it’s darkness…

But he would not make it to the other side.

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