One Knight (Chapter 6) – Settling In

One Knight (Chapter Six) – Settling In


A Novel

by DarkJade (Written 2011/Unedited)


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Chapter Two

Chapter 2.5

Chapter Three

Chapter Four

Chapter Five

CHAPTER VI; Settling In

Three weeks had come and gone before anyone knew it. Natum, Ahnug, Kon and  Pepen were well on their way in the building of the Tananhall Guard.

In the courtyard of the Keep, they trained.

“Come now Pepen, you can surely do better than that…” Ahnug harrassed Pepen as he walked by, toeing a horse behind him.

Pepen smiled “The Great Ahnug, on his mighty steed… You ought to try walking some time, it would do you good…” Ahnug smiled in return.

Meanwhile Kon trained his Archers most harshly “Anything less than perfection is unacceptable, do you understand”. He walked behind some fifteen archers, and would bump their elbows into proper position with his bow.

Suddenly Natum appeared “Tyrion would have word with us…”. Each of the Leads looked at one another, then followed Natum.

Within Tananhalls Great Meeting Chamber, Tyrion, Natum, Pepen, Ahnug and Kon sat.

“Three weeks have come and gone, and no word from Maelem, or our Messenger…” Tyrion began. “Aye” Ahnug replied.

“What do you think has happened?” spoke Kon.

“I do not know” replied Tyrion. “But I know this, I can no longer sit here and act like everything is fine, when it may not be…”

“Aye…Aye…” the men agreed.

“Tomorrow Ahnug and I will go with our Cavalry…” he looks at Ahnug “How many Cavarly do we have now…”

“Well… The four from Maelem, and eight more that I’ve only really begun training… But their decent horsemen”.

“That shall do… Natum I need you to keep the building of our Guard as a number one priority” “Aye, that I will…” replied Natum.

Tyrion stands “Pepen you too must press on in the training, we’re only as strong as our men” “Aye my Lord” Pepen agreed.

“Kon–” Tyrion started to say, but Kon interrupted “I’m coming with you…“. Ahnug smiled to himself. “Kon, I won’t--” Tyrion tried to speak again, Kon interrupted once more “I’m coming” with this he walked out of the room.

Tyrion looked at Ahnug who was trying to hide his smile “He sure told you…” and walked out, followed by Pepen. Tyrion was left alone.

Later, in Jade and Tyrion’s Chambers. “Are you mad!? I can’t train those men…” Jade ranted as she stormed around their room trying to find a way to keep herself from strangling Tyrion. “You are the best Archer we have at Tananhall, save Kon and I… And we simply wont be here” Tyrion replied.

Jade stops and looks at him “I… am a woman”. “Ha!” Tyrion laughes “When has that ever stopped you…”.

Jade then sits at her make up mirror, and places the backs of her hands against her face. Tyrion stands behind her, his hands on her shoulders. “I need you Jade…”

She looks at him “You’re mad”. “Aye” he bends over and kisses her “For you…”

“Very well then, I’m doing it my way than…” Jade informs him. Tyrion raises his arms and walks away “Of course, and all within the Keep will be told that you are Ruler here well I am gone…”

The next morning, the sun hardly risen, Tyrion, Ahnug, Kon and the twelve Cavalry stand ready to depart. Kon has also brought two of his original Maelem Archers.

Jade, in a dark red dress, approaches her husband as he sits upon his steed. “Be safe…”. Tyrion reaches down to caress her face “You too…”.

He then looks at Natum “Take care of Tananhall…” Natum nods.

“Yah!” he yells, and the seventeen of them ride off.

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