One Knight (Chapter VII) – Brothers Of Pain

One Knight (Chapter VII) – Brother’s of Pain


A Novel

by DarkJade (Written 2011/Unedited)


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Chapter Two

Chapter 2.5

Chapter Three

Chapter Four

Chapter Five

Chapter Six

CHAPTER VII (Part One); Brother’s of Pain

Baron Braug has two sons… Neither of which are to be trusted.

The first of which is Viden, renowned for wearing Black, and wielding the great Broad Blade of Seawell. A prize for the slaying of Lord Seawell, who, of course, he didn’t actually slay himself. But, none the less, the blade is his. His long black hair he wraps tightly in a braid that runs down his back, and accompanies a sharp black beard. He is smart enough, but hardly wise.

The second brother, Wiley, the younger of the two, is in all accounts, a wretched coward. He is associated with wearing all Yellow, so that no one can possibly miss him when he enters a room. His hair is short and brown. It has been brought to his attention, primarily by Viden, that wearing all yellow on the battlefield his enemies would quickly find him out, and potentially slay him. In which he more than willingly replies “And that is why you will never find me remotely near a battlefield”. This is true, his men that he sends into battle for him can accurately account for it.

As one might have suspected, King Maelem was hardly pleased, to say the least, when he heard of their arrival at his castle. However, being a man of Kingly Commerce, he obliged their wishes to make court with him.

There they stood in front of him, Wiley’s head cocked back in self proclaimed greatness, as Viden sneered rudely at King Maelem.

“How may I be of service to the two of you…” the courteous King inquired.

“By vacating Maelem, and turning over the keys to us, of course…” replied Viden most heinously.

With this the King stood, and his Royal Guard took one step forward. “CLUNK!!” went the sound of their boots.

“Do not test my patience boy…” threatened the King.

Wiley looked nervous as he eyed the Royal Guard, and then took his brother’s arm.

“What my brother is saying is, your time is over old man… Clear your Kingdom of it’s people, or every last one of you shall pay a most black toll…” Wiley spoke, which of course, wasn’t much better.

The great King began to wave his arms around “Remove these two maggots from my sight…” he turned and exited the courtroom “AT ONCE!!” he finished.

And so the two sons of Braug were dragged by their arms, heals dragging, out. Wiley smiled as they went, and Viden…

…”You will Pay for this Fool!! You shall see!!” was not pleased.

Meanwhile somewhere in the forefront of the Valley of Jjor, Tyrion and his men make their way, until…

“THERE!!” Kon suddenly pointed, and road ahead, as they came upon a slain body with three arrows in it’s back.

Kon turned the body over.

“It’s our Messenger!” called Kon.

“This does not bode well…” spoke Tyrion under his breath. He looked at Ahnug, and then his men.

“ONWARD, MAKE HASTE, WE HAVE NO TIME TO WASTE!!” and so they rode on.


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