Christmas Poems, Christmas Stories, One Knight Fantasy Novel, I Died Once Novella

christmas-wallpaper-81Christmas Poems, Christmas Stories, One Knight Fantasy Novel, I Died Once Novella

Hello all, Happy Holidays!

I just wanted to take a moment to talk about a couple things on the Site

I’ve been posting my Story “One Knight” lately, something that I wrote back in 2011, on a Site dedicated to it actually, but at some point I moved on to a New Fantasy Novel, one I’m still in the process of being Wordsmithed, and at some point I will be Self Publishing it

But with “One Knight”, there’s more to it, it’s actually based on a story I came up as a young boy… Something I wrote a lot of, but alas, that writing is lost somewhere never to be found

I just wanted to say that between now and the New Year, and more specifically Christmas, I will be Posting other types of Posts as well

I thought about just putting “One Knight” on hold until after Christmas, but people seem to be enjoying it

But in addition to “One Knight”, I will be Posting my Self Published Novella, “I Died Once”

Which is still available on Amazon.Com as well, should you want a Physical or Kindle/Digital Copy

But I will also be Re-Posting some Christmas Poems I wrote on this Site, which I intend to Self Publish at some point… Unfortunately not this year

And some Christmas-ish Stories, or other types of Stories, that I’ve also Posted here at one point, and other Christmas kind of stuff being this is my 4th Year on this Blog

I hope you all enjoy the posts, and it doesn’t get too confusing Posting both “I Died Once”, and “One Knight” Chapters

Nuff Said

Happy Holidays!



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