One Knight (Chapter 7.5) – And Fire Shall Come

One Knight (Chapter 7.5) – And Fire Shall Come


A Novel

by DarkJade (Written 2011/Unedited)


Chapter One

Chapter Two

Chapter 2.5

Chapter Three

Chapter Four

Chapter Five

Chapter Six

Chapter VII

CHAPTER VII (Part Two); And Fire Shall Come

From Ashes… Rose Dust… From Dust… Memory

Of What Was… And of What May Be Again

Kindron – Dragon Rider

Some three days later, Tyrion and his men reached the outskirts of Maelem… and they could already see the smoke.

“RIDE!!” Tyrion yelled. And so they did.

What they saw next would forever stick in their memory… The Walls surrounding the City, and Kingdom of Maelem, were chard, scattered and broken. As their horses slowly trotted inside the City Walls, they came upon bodies of knights who had died defending their King. And City Civilians, who never saw it coming.

“Dragon…” Ahnug said under his breath. They continued to the Castle itself, which had taken the brunt of the attack. It’s walls crushed, burnt and mangled. Everywhere there were dead bodies. Tyrion dismounted.

“Ahnug, take the Cavalry and secure the area… Kon, you and your two archers come with me” ordered Tyrion.

“Aye…” Ahnug replied, as he rode off with his men. Kon and his archers dismounted, and followed Tyrion in.

The whole of the place smelled of chard flesh, and rubble. Dead bodies everywhere. Suddenly one of the King’s Royal Guards approached “Tyrion! Over here!!” he directed Tyrion to a nearby room. Tyrion went in with Kon, the Archers stayed outside the doorway.

Inside lay King Maelem, burns all over his body, and ash across his face. Three Guards were in the room, as well as a nurse attending his wounds. “Father!” Tyrion called him as he broke into tears, and knelt at King Maelem’s bedside.

King Maelem touched the top of Tyrion’s head “It is good to see you boy…”.

Tyrion looked up at his King “Tell me what to do…” he employed to his King.

“There is nothing you can do for me now… My time has come, and passed…” with this the King waved everyone else out of the room.

“There is something I needs tell you Tyrion… Something I should have told you a long time ago…” spoke the King.

“Tor’Hum…” replied Tyrion. “Then you know” spoke the King. “His cave at Ardent’s Stowe had been opened… I knew not what to think of it, I mean… Dragons??”. “But I sent a messenger anyway to notify you, but he never made it… I have failed you my King” Tyrion bowed his head. “No! It is I who have failed you…” Tyrion raised his head once more. “I should have told you about the Dragon’s… So much time had passed without mentioning, or siting of one…”.

King Malem then took the silver necklace with the glowing blue crystal from around his neck “Cough Cough”. “Here” he handed it to Tyrion. “Take this”.

Tyrion looked surprised to see such a thing, glowing brightly, like… Magic. “What? is it my King”.

“Cough Cough Cough” the King started to cough up blood. “I have ordered all that remain underneath the Castle… Maybe a hundred or so have survived. “Cough Cough” you must talk to Ingum now… I have explained the rest to him. Ingum was the Captain of King Maelem’s Royal Guard. “My King!” Tyrion cried as he grasped his King. “Speak to Ingum… And seek out the Heirs of Warnlock” these were his last words.

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