My Nephew’s Amazing Debut Album

1466038_10152877572922822_3543291340746791805_nMy Nephew’s Amazing Debut Album

One of the Nicest, most Big Hearted, Poetic People I know is my Nephew Damon.

He’s spent the last 10 to 15 years being a Professional Ballet Dancer, but has recently hung up his Dance Shoes

He Wrote A Book, and considered many other things, but in the end he has chosen Music as his Next Career

It had always been my experience that his Poetry was his Greatest Talent

And I Find it throughout his Song Lyrics, and Intent in this his Debut Album

To Try to Describe this Album’s Genre is a bit difficult, but I shall do my best

My Nephew has a very Deep Soul… And a Very Pure Heart

And these things by far are what come across in this Collection of Songs

Beyond that, I find this Collection in some cases ‘Electronica’

In some cases almost like ‘Gospel’

And in other cases a bit Nordic Storytellerish…

There’s also a Dash of ‘Depeche Mode’ Esq-ness to some of it

But his Voice is Truly his own…

And it is Very Sweet Sounding

Several of these songs I feel are Quite Moving

And in some cases, Soul Churning

There is much beautiful music

As well as a tad bit of an 80’s feeling to some of the tunes, or at least moments of the tunes

All of this for $10 on ITunes “Three Of Swords”

Trust me when I say, you will not regret this purchase should you pick it up

In fact if you’d like a Sampling, he just Published The First Song on YouTube

Thanks for your Interest And Support

And Enjoy It If You Check It Out


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