Stocks, Runes And A Vegan Egg Sandwich… Wait What?

stocksStocks, Runes And A Vegan Egg Sandwich… Wait What?

Yes, I’m a Writer… And Yes, I’m a Filmmaker

But I’ve had other Interests along the way

A few years back I worked as an Assistant to a Financial Adviser/Insurance Broker

I Love Business, I Love Math, and I’ve always Loved Apple Products going back like 30 years or so

So when I was there (This was like 2006), I noticed how Apple seemed to be a good Stock to get into

So when my Mom’s Boyfriend had a bit of cash come up, I suggested he buy some of their Stock

He bought 20 shares at around $72 a share, and sold 10 of them some time later at around $100

a share… And the other 10 a bit later, at like $120 a share

So he made some money, which was pretty cool

Of course, who knew it would go up over $500 a share between then and now, Lol

Well, I had my suspicions, but I thought it would take many more years than that, Lol

Anyway, one of my three nephews mentioned how he wants to learn about stocks when he was here over Christmas

He’s only 17, but is working two jobs, both physical, and he said in ten years he’d like to have his money

working for him, instead of him… Smart kid/young man

Anyway, I told him that I have done a bit of studying of it (not much, mostly watch a couple specific stocks), and would be interested in helping him if he’d like

He did like, and now I will be doing research for him, particularly in stocks that he’s interested in

And supply him info. each month

I will be the one doing the actual purchasing for him on a joint account, being he can’t buy and sell stock until he’s 18

And he wants to pay me 10%-15% of any profits that come up

And I will also be having him pay me $10-$15 a month for the research I’ll be doing for him

Trust me, if you do things for free for relatives, it can get pretty messy, plus he wants to pay me

He’s very excited, and told me that as he makes more money, he wants to pay me higher percentages, and monthly fees for the research

For now, I’ll be taking the next year to study our Economy, to help make my Investment suggestions more educated, and potentially viable

Meanwhile, we’re going to pick him up some stocks to get him (his portfolio) going

A couple I’ve been watching for a year or two, as well as some that he’s interested in that actually look pretty good

For anyone whose interested in Receiving The Same Info. I Will Be Sending Him Once A Month, just let me know

I’ll be Charging $8.00 a month for it, which can be paid via/ala PayPal at my address

I’m no Pro, keep that in mind, but it will give you some info. to peak at as I head down this course of self education, and investments with my nephew

rune stonesSo How Do Runes Come Into Play?

Well, first of all, they have nothing to do with Stocks, Lol

It’s just something that I’ve been interested in studying for a while

I’m drawn to symbolism, and the stones are really cool

That said, I’m not a Psychic, but there some Universally Intuitive Meanings behind each of the Stones, and if nothing else, it will/does potentially help people become more ‘self reflective’, ‘proactive’, and ‘introspective’

And so I am starting to do some E-Mail Rune Readings via my New Site, DarkRune

64f4c4ab49c428051690ba8b6c0b3f0fLastly, The Vegan Egg Sanwich

Ok, so the Tofu actually takes the place of Egg

Yes, I took up being a Vegan (No Meat Or Dairy Products) last year, for a couple different reasons

After a year of it, I switched to Vegetarian (Officially, No Meat, But Fish, Eggs And Dairy Are Ok)

But Now I’m back to being a Vegan, and I made a pretty good sandwich today, so I thought I’d throw the Recipe’ out there

1) Toasted Bread With Vegan Cheese On It

2) Slice Up Long Pieces Of Tofu, To Represent The Egg, And Cook It With Olive Oil

3) Slice Up Fresh Tomato

4) Slice Up Fresh Avacado

5) Cook Vegan Bacon (Which Is Really Good)

Put em all together, and Wola, Enjoy an Egg Sandwich Kinda Substitue

Oh, and a Glass of Orange Juice

Nuff Said

Thanks For Your Interest



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