My Co-Writer’s First Self Published Book – “Like A Butterfly”

 labMy Co-Writer’s First Self Published Book – “Like A Butterfly”

I know that I’ve been recommending several things for you all to pick up/purchase lately

Like my Nephew’s Debut Album

1466038_10152877572922822_3543291340746791805_nThree Of Swords

And my “I Died Once” 3rd Edition

IDO 3 Edition Cover Final“I Died Once” 3rd Edition

Not something I normally do

And I know that the Holidays have just ended

And many of us are broke

But now I’m going to recommend something else

My “Chess With Agatha” (Fantasy Novel) Wordsmith/Co-Writer’s First Self Published Book

“Like A Butterfly”

My Amazon.Com Review


By James Mahoney on December 26, 2014

“Like A Butterfly” is a spiritual journey that is undeniably visceral… You can truly feel the proverbial blood, sweat and tears that was Kaitlin’s journey to enlightenment. Each of the pieces, be it poetry, or free-write, is uniquely its’ own. Also in the mix of this great transcending body of work, I feel there is an absolute amazing writer. Be it a book such as this, or something in fiction. More than anything else I feel after reading this book that I’ve been warmly brought into the depths of Kaitlin’s Heart and Soul, where she then went on to elaborately share feelings and situations, that I myself have grown, and learned from in the reading. Kaitlin Q. Calkins is a Master at her Craft… Both as a Writer, and a Spiritual Guide. I look forward to her future work.
Nuff Said
Pick Up this book, truly read it, and I really feel it can impact your life
That’s the truth


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