One Knight (Chapter VIII) – The Heirs Of Warnlock

One Knight (Chapter VIII) – The Heirs of Warnlock


A Novel

by DarkJade (Written In 2011/Unedited)


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CHAPTER VIII; The Heirs of Warnlock

It was two days before Tyrion was seen again… Locked away in the room in which his Father, or as close to a Father as he had ever had, King Maelem, had died.

Meanwhile, Ahnug and Kon spoke outside the hallway of the room.

“I do not think it’s a good idea to stay here…spoke Ahnug.

“I have to agree with you, it will only be so long before whoever is behind this sends soldiers to secure the province, or worse even–“

“The Dragon…” Ahnug finished Kon’s sentence.

Suddenly the door to the chamber opened, and Tyrion came out “Arrange a meeting with Ingum immediately, we needs locate the Heir’s of Warnlock…”

Quickly, Ahnug, Kon, Tyrion and Ingum were in the Meeting Hall. Tyrion paced back and forth as Ingum spoke.

“Apparently in the time of Shadowmyth, there was an Alliance with Man, and the Dragon’s…”. “But the Wizard’s of Paren never felt comfortable with the existence of Dragon’s, as the two Races of Dragon and Mage had fought a three thousand year war…” Tyrion stops and looks at Ingum.

“Or so King Maelem has told me…” Tyrion continues pacing.

“And so Tor’Hum knowing this, arranged a meeting with Conquoi, the most powerful, and Leader of the Wizard’s of Paren, and struck a deal…”

“A deal with a Dragon?? Outrageous” spoke Ahnug, who looked to Tyrion, as he looked back at him.

“Continue Ingum…” spoke Kon.

“And so when Shadowmyth and Wintoran were away–“

“Wintoran?” interjected Tyrion.

“Yes… Shadowmyth’s Mate, the Matriarch of the Dragon’s…”

“Tor’Hum’s Mother…” spoke Kon.

“Aye” replied Ingum. “So when Shadowmyth and Wintoran were away, Tor’Hum delivered the Wizard’s of Paren, and their Mercenary Armies, to Ardent’s Stowe–“

“The Lair of the Dragon’s” interjected Ahnug.

“Aye, and, the Sleeping Dragon’s, unsuspecting the attack, were caught off guard and destroyed…”.

“What treachery… He killed his own siblings” spoke Kon.

Ahnug looks over at Kon “He’s a Dragon… What yah expect…”.

With this Tyrion leaned up against the great table and spoke “Wintoran??”.

Ingum shrugged “The King made no mention of what became of Wintoran…”.

“Only that Shadowmyth carried Tor’Hum ripping, and clawing, to Ardent’s Stowe, where he buried him alive with only the Bones of his Brother’s and Sister’s to keep him company”.

“Justice…” Ahnug spoke as he stood.

“And who are these “Heirs of Warnlock”?” questioned Tyrion.

“Apparently they are the only two Great Wizard’s of Paren remaining” Ingum replied.

“So there may be more Mage’s than them?” inquired Kon.

“Aye… Just not as powerful as the Heir’s”.

“We needs leave this place now…” Tyrion suddenly proclaimed. With this Kon and Ingum also stood.

“Maelem is dead, and fallen… We need to get these people out of here…” Tyrion looked at Ingum “Ingum, can I count on you to lead the survivors of this masacre to the Province of Praske, and my Keep there…”.

“Aye sir, would be an honor… I shall prepare the remaining Knights, and Suvivors… We will leave at sunrise” Ingum smacks his fist against his chest as was custom in Maelem, and leaves the chamber.

“What about us?” inquired Ahnug.

“We needs seek out the Heirs of Warnlock… And any that remain from the Wizard’s of Paren”. “Come…”.

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