Time To Manifest Dreams

Manifest_Your_DreamsTime To Manifest Dreams

So often times, Life doesn’t go quite as planned

For instance, my First Dream as a Child was to be a Professional Baseball Player

nolan_ryan(Nolan Ryan)

A Pitcher to be more specific

Nolan Ryan was one of my heroes as a kid

5 27 14 montBut I lived in a remote canyon with my brother and Mom

And getting to practices would have been tough

So I let it go

Then in 1977

Star Wars Movie Poster 2I saw Star Wars

And that’s when I decided I wanted to be a Filmmaker

And in 2000

I moved to Eugene Oregon

Bought a Video Camera

And made experimental Films using Action Figures

(That Was Shot Scene After Scene, No Editing, And The Music Was Playing On A Portable Stereo)

Two Years Later

In 2002

I Shot My First Short Film “If Not Now…”

Shot In An Hour And A Half

Edited As Best I Could With What I Shot

And Got that Film Into a Film Festival In New York

Later that year I went through some Medical stuff

And set Film Making aside

From there Dreams took a back seat in my life

In 2002-2004 I Did Write My First Feature Film Screenplay

White Jade Cover Book 1White Jade

And in 2006, Hired an Artist to Transform the first part of it into 8 Comic Book Pages

8 Page Comic Page SketchPage 8But Being a Writer, had never been a Dream

Though in 2011 I Created this Blog

And did my First Post

The Writer

Posted in Writers, Writing with tags , , , , , , on August 18, 2011 by darkjade68

Inside of all of us is The Writer… I’ve been writing since I was young, but I have never truly given my Writer a home… It is my intention to finally and truly embrace my Writer, I intend to do this by Writing, Writing, Writing…

But to do this, I must first create the space for it… Where will I write… What music will I listen to… Who will I share my writing with while I develop it… Time will tell

And though Writing wasn’t an Actual Dream

I spent the next year and a half Writing a lot

And Finally Self-Publishing

White Jade, the 8 Page Comic Book

Winter, Lust, And Wonder” a Poetry Book

And “I Died Once” a Novella

Some of my other Dreams in Life have been

Now keep in mind they’re a bit ‘Lofty’

beach-house-plans1A Beach House

Though Any House by the age of 40 would have been nice

Land, Sky and MountainsA Ranch

OCropAnd a Horse (Or Horses)

Now I realize that both a Beach House, and a Ranch, is a bit much

But I was pursuing Film Making, and I figured my Films would be pretty good

And there are Filmmakers out there that ‘aren’t’ good that are making millions, Lol

It’s not that I’m materialistic

I just love the ocean, and love horses, and open spaces like some ranches

So here I am at 46, the medical issues I had 12+ years ago lead to some trauma

That derailed my Film Making Career

And thus, I did not, and/or have not made millions, Lol

But I still want a Horse

And I wouldn’t mind a Ranch, Lol

So we shall see what I can do from this point

But my point of this Post is

Never Stop Pursuing Your Dreams

Nuff Said



3 Responses to “Time To Manifest Dreams”

  1. Reblogged this on Twisted In AZ and commented:
    The path we intend to take and the road we end up on are rarely the same. Keep on going and you will arrive just exactly where your dreams take you.

  2. Love this James!
    And keep on dreaming!
    I love your idea of a beach house, totally my style. I added it on my pinterest : )
    You know, visualize + intention + feeling/emotion = creation.

    I am the creation of me, my life, my universe.
    And so are you.


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