One Knight (Chapter IX) – The Archer’s Way

One Knight (Chapter IX) – The Archer’s Way


A Novel

by DarkJade (Written In 2011/Unedited)


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CHAPTER IX – The Archer’s Way;


Meanwhile back in Tananhall Keep, Jade has her hands full training the New Tananhall Guard Archer’s, primarily because she is a Woman, and they simply don’t respect her. Kon’s remaining two Maelem Archer’s also try to help.

“NOW WHEN I SAY RELEASE… RELEASE!” she announces to the dozen or so Men that are training, as she sits upon her White Horse Myriad. She is garbed out in Archer’s Attire.

“RELEASE!!” “SWOOOMMMM!!” they all release their shots at the nearby targets.


Kon’s Two Men seem impressed. “Very good my lady…” one of them speaks. With this she dismounts.

“Yeah, well… I have one more surprise for them…” with this she waves over some dozen or so woman that have lined up near the gate. Timidly, they approach.

This baffles Kon’s Men, as well as the rest of the men that are training.

“Ready my lady…” Brentia speaks, a particularly tall blond girl of 26.

“Good…” Jade replies and then turns to Kon’s Men “Train these woman…”.

“Uhh… My lady–” one of them started to say, but Jade interrupts “Do it!” and walks away.

Brentia smiles at the men, and then waves the other woman to step forward.

Meanwhile Jade goes inside the Keep where Lizander the House Man approaches her “My lady, would you prefer your lunch in your room again?”. She stops.

“No… In fact, bring lunch to all of the Archers, including the woman… I will join them momentarily” and she continues to her room.

Once in her room she steps up to her mirror, takes off her long leather gloves, and looks at her reflection.

“Tyrion, please be okay…”.


Ingum has gathered all of the survivors from underneath Maelem, as well as the remaining Maelem Guard, and Royal Guard. He is mounted, and is ready to depart. Tyrion, Kon and Ahnug stand in front of Ingum’s Horse.

“May the God’s be with you My Lord” Ingum speaks, and then salutes in Maelem fashion.

“And you Ingum… Protect these people, and get them there safely…” replied Tyrion.

“Aye… That I will” Ingum replies, turns his horse away “ONWARD TO TANANHALL!!” he yelled, and they were off.

“And now for us…” spoke Tyrion as he looked at Ahnug and Kon. “To our horses, we have quite a ride ahead of us…”.

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