One Knight (Chapter X) – Realm Of Magic

One Knight (Chapter X) – Realm of Magic


A Novel

by DarkJade (Written In 2011/Unedited)


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CHAPTER X (Part One) – The Realm of Magic

Tyrion, Ahnug, Kon and Kon’s two Maelem Archers, had traveled now for two and one half days, making their way to the Lunic Mountains… And the supposed home to the Heirs of Wornlock…

Renowned as a Historical Region of Magic, thh common man rarely traveled there.

In fact, it had been so many years since anyone had spoken about such things as Dragons, and Magic, that magic had joined the bedside of “Myth”, where Dragons Lore also had resided.  Until now…

Several hundreds of years had passed without neither hide nor hair of Dragons, Wizards or Sorcerers, and thus, purely mortals have reigned, and battled for the Lands of the Realms.

A time of both War, and Peace, within a single race.

As Kon harassed his two archers, his way of keeping them sharp, Tyrion road up alongside Ahnug.

“Ahnug…” Tyrion spoke.

“Aye my lord…” he replied.

“I want you to be watchful of my actions this next moon cycle, as I am in mourning, and suspect my being distraught may, or may not, hinder my better judgements…”

“Aye Tyrion… Consider yourself under my eye…” with this Ahnug smiled at Tyrion, who in turn smiled back.

“To be honest with you, I’m more concerned with that…” with this Ahnug pointed to the mountains ahead which now had an unsettling, black, swirling assemblage of clouds enveloping them.

“Tyrion winched at the site, as Kon then approached.

“What do you suppose that’s about…” Kon inquired about the clouds that Ahnug had pointed at.

Tyrion, uncomfortable with making “guesses” as it were, abut subjects he knew nothing about, instead changed the conversation.

“How are your men, Kon?”

Kon noting this, did not press the issue.

“Frightened…” he replied.

“As they should be…” interjected Ahnug. “What with Dragons flying around, eh” with this he half smiled at Tyrion.

“Well, as my wits are slowly returning, the idea of only five of us heading out into this “New World of Darkness” that seems to be rearing it’s ugly head of late…” Tyrion looks over at Kon “…seems not the best of ideas”.

“Mmm” Kon replys. ” I think it’s better that you sent Ingum and the rest on to Tananhall…” Kon continued.

“Do you now?” Tyrion more cheerfully replies. “And why, may I ask, is that…”.

“The way I see it my lord, Tananhall is the less “Fool Hearty” of the two chosen paths…”.

“Ah Ha!!” with this the three of them laugh, and continue towards the Lunic Mountains, and it’s now Darkened Skies.


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