One Knight (Chapter 10.5) – Refuge And Light

One Knight (Chapter 10.5) – Refuge and Light


A Novel

by DarkJade (Written 2011/Unedited)


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CHAPTER X (Part Two); Refuge and Light


Just over four days after departing Maelem, Ingum and the rest of the Maelem Survivors arive at Tannanhall Keep.

Some two to three hundred in all.

Amongst them some two dozen Maelem Guard, and eight Maelem Royal Guard, Lead by Ingum.

Jade wearing a Dark Blue Crushed Velvet Dress, walks straight to Ingum, in utter confusion and disbelief at what appears to be a large group of Maelem Citizens and Guard.

“Ingum!?… What has happened here !?!” she desperately inquires.

“My Lady… I am honored that you know my name…” he bows to Jade.

“Of course? you are our King’s Protector and Captain of the Maelem Royal Guard…” she quickly replied.

“Was My Lady… The King has been slain… This is all that remains of Maelem…”.


Tyrion, Ahnug, Kon and his two men are surrounded by a cold, wicked black ice storm, making visibility very difficult.

“WE’D BEST TAKE COVER MY LORD!!” Ahnug calls to Tyrion.

“THIS STORM MIGHT LAST FOR SEVERAL DAYS!! WE BEST PRESS ON!!” Tyrion replies, to Ahnug’s dismay.

Some six hours later, they finally see an unearthly light up ahead. Mist Green in color.

“THERE!!” Kon calls out, and points ahead. Tyrion nods.

“DRAW YOUR WEAPONS!!” Tyrion yells.

“SHHIINNGG!!” Tyrion draws his sabre, Ahnug his great two handed mace, and Kon and his Archers draw there bows.

As they get close, the dark ice storm all around them, they can hardly believe what they see.

It appears to be a Well, in the middle of a twenty foot in diameter patch of grass… All under some sort of Mist Green Light, like a dome, untouched by the storm.

“IT’S A TRAP!!” hollers Kon.

“WE HAVE NO CHOICE!!” Ahnug responds with demanding vigor.


Ahnug nods, and looks at Tyrion who nods his approval.

Kon then taps his Archers shoulders, and points to follow Ahnug.

And so they do.

As Ahnug and the archers enter the perimeter, they are staggered by this mist green dome of light, that sits unscathed from the storm. In fact, it’s almost serine.

“Magic…” one of the archers says under his breath, no longer needing to yell, as the green dome of light also seems to block out much of the sound from the surrounding storm.

“Yeah, well, check that Well… We need water” Ahnug orders.

One of the archers steps forward, his bow drawn, leans over the Well, and looks down into it.

He then looks back at Ahnug “Looks like there’s water down there–” suddenly he’s cut off as a harrowing voice comes from the other side of the dome, from out in the storm.


Ahnug jestures for the archer to come back.


There is a silence, and then three lean, white hooded and robed figures step into the light.

“What the hell?” Ahnug speaks under his breath.

The hoods cover the faces of the figures, and each of their hands are palm to palm, almost as if they are praying.

Suddnely the middle one pulls down his hood, revealing a long, black haired humanoid, whose eyes are filled with a glowing white light.

“Why have you mortals entered the sacred Lunic Mountains, Realm of Magic…” the Being spoke in almost an unearthly whisper.

“If you can tell me your names, then maybe I can tell you… We’re looking for–” but before he can finish, the dark haired one speaks…

“So be it…” suddenly the two other figures lift there outside arms and mumble some words, and Ahnug and the two archers are suddenly captured in spheres of Dark Emerald Light, and lifted ten feet off the ground, unable to escape.

“WHAT THE!! RELEASE US!!” Ahnug demands to no avail.

Tyrion and Kon see it as it happens “THAT’S IT!!” Kon yells as he runs towards the dome, unleashing arrow, after arrow, after arrow at the emerald spheres, in hopes of bursting them…

But he is not successful, as the arrows deflect off and out of the dome.

Just as Kon comes into the light, and the black haired figure raises his arm to capture him, Tyrion jumps in front of Kon and throws up his arms “No!! Wait!!”.

With this a Blue Light flares from Tyrions chest, and the dark haired caster is blown back into the darkness of the storm “ARGHHH!!”.

Suddenly, the others are realeased from their spheres, and fall to the ground “UMMPH!!”.

“What the?” Kon speaks. “What was that!?”.

Tyrion reaches underneath his shirt, pulls out and reveals the blue crystal necklace he’d been given from King Maelem.

“This?” Tyrion replies in disbelief.

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