Free Sample From My January 2015 Stock Research Report

 free-samplestocksFree Sample From My January 2015 Stock Research Report

Soon I will share with you my new website for all of my Stock Research/Financial Website

And stop posting it here on my Writing Blog, Lol

As I’ve mentioned I’m working with my First Client on Researching Stocks for him

And he will soon decide which stocks he wants to invest in

There are a Total of 7 Stocks that I’m watching/researching at the moment

2 that I recommended, 1 that he was interested in

And 1 that he and I discussed and determined together

I’m going to go ahead and post one of the 7 below which I have researched

Free of charge, just to give you a taste of what I’m doing

If you decide you’d like to purchase the whole January, 2015 Report

Just E-mail me at JadeBlue68@Yahoo.Com

The Price is $8.00, and all payments can be sent to PayPal at JadeBlue68@Yahoo.Com

Thanks for your patience, soon, like I say, I will be supplying a Site Address

Which you’re welcome to check out for future info.


James Mahoney

January 2015

Stock Research Report

Stock #1

Stock Performance In Last Year;
Apple (AAPL) – Around 19% Growth In Just Under 7 Months
On June 9th, 2014 Apple Split their stock. (Basically it was a 7/1 Split) Taking the price for a single share from $645.57, to around $94, making it more affordable for purchase.
6/9/14 (Stock Split) – Around $94.00
12/26/14 (First Client One Conversation) – Price $111.89
1/22/15 – $112.40
.45% Growth in Last 27 Days, Around 19.5% Since June 9th, 2014
I didn’t expect much growth right after Christmas, where Stock Prices Reached Around $118
Either way, even this last 27 days of growth would project around 6% Growth, for the year, but I would suspect Apples Growth will be at least between 10%-25% for the year, including Christmas/New Product Releases Etc.

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