One Knight (Chapter XII) – Seek The Gold

One Knight (Chapter XII) – Seek The Gold


a Novel

by DarkJade (Written 2011/Unedited)


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CHAPTER XII – Seek The Gold


Lord Braug’s Sons, Viden and Wiley, sit upon their great white horses, awaiting a report from their Head Sargent Milcoy.

Some One Hundred Knights accompany them.

Milcoy finally appears from within the remains of King Maelem’s Castle with six other knights accompanying him.

He kneels before them.

“It’s not here my Lord” he says as he breaks into a sweat.

“What do you mean… Not here” Viden responds ferociously.

“Just that My Lord… The Survivors must have taken it with them…”.

Just then another knight approaches “My Lords, we’ve found tracks of some fifty horses, as well as some twenty wagons, heading west” the knight informs them.

“Father will not be pleased about this “Wiley speaks to Viden.

“It looks as though the survivors of Maelem have headed west, and taken the King’s Treasury with them…” Viden replies.

“Indeed” agrees Wiley.

“Sargent Milcoy, take these 6 knights, and deliver a message to our Father Lord Braug…” Viden orders.

“Tell him that we’re thoroughly inspecting the remains of Maelem’s Castle, though Tor’Hum doesn’t appear to have left much….

“Aye My Lord” Sargent Milcoy heads to his horse, along with the other 6 knights.

“Meanwhile, we shall take our army west and track down the survivors…” Viden says to Wiley. “After all, where exactly do they plan on going… We’ve already paid off the surrounding Lords…”.

“We shall hunt them down, and collect Maelem’s Treasures!!” Wiley says enthusiastically as he kicks his horse onto its back two legs in demonstration of his over confidence.

NAYYY!!! it whinnies.

“This is not something that we need a “Dragon” in order to achieve…” Viden replies.

“LET US BE OFF!! Viden yells, and Lord Braug’s army departs.



Jade paces back and forth in her bedroom, when Natum, Captain of Tannanhall’s Guard, comes to her door.


“Enter!” Jade replies.

In comes Natum “My Lady” he bows.

“Come in Natum…” she replies, and steps towards the bedroom window, then faces Natum, whose now entered.

“With King Maelem dead, Tyrion is in great danger… After all, he was the one that lead King Maelem’s Armies during the last 15 years, and now he’s out there with but four men to protect him…” she explains, trying not to sound like she’s panicking.

“Do you understand Natum?” she questions him with obvious intent.

“I do indeed My Lady… Would you prefer Myself, or Ingum, to lead some of our Cavalry to aid, and/or protect him?” Natum inquires.

“I would lead them myself, but seeing as Tyrion appointed me to build his Home Guard, I must not let him down” she replies.

“Ingum has just arrived, so–” Jade is interrupted before she can finish, as Ingum suddenly appears in the doorway.

“I shall go My Lady… Tis my sworn duty to protect the Ruler of these Lands… As my Ancestors have done before me… And now that King Maelem is dead, that leaves Tyrion as our Natural Born Leader… Whether he claims that position, is yet to be seen… But until we have another, I swear my life, and my sword, to him”.

This appears to put Jade at a bit of ease.

“Thank you Ingum…”.

He bows a bit “I shall take the remaining Maelem Guard and retrieve, and/or aid and protect our now New Found Leader…” he bows, and leaves.

Jade than turns to Natum “Come Natum… We have much work ahead of us, and many more counting on our protection…” the two of them leave the room.


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