Mady’s Storm Novella Kickstarter Project

kickstarterMady's Storm2Mady’s Storm Novella Kickstarter Project

I just wanted to announce my “Mady’s Storm” Kickstarter Project that I just launched

“Mady’s Storm” is my Sequel Novella to “I Died Once“, which is Available on Amazon

“I Died Once” was also launched on Kickstarter, and was funded

These funds are to Hire an Editor, as well as supply awards to the backers of the project

Here’s the Link

Anything helps

Be sure to check out all the Awards associated to backers support

Many of which include Copies of the book

Thanks for your Support

And definitely Share This Post/Reblog This Post Etc. wherever you can

WordPress, Facebook, Twitter Etc.

Thanks again



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    I just launched a Kickstarter Project for my Sequel Novella, “Mady’s Storm” DJ-

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