An Interview With Mady… The Protagonist Of My New Novella (26 Days Left To Contribute)

Young woman with black hair standing alone outdoorsAn Interview With Mady… The Protagonist Of My New Novella (26 Days Left To Contribute)

So I thought it might be interesting to interview my main character in my New Novella, “Mady’s Storm”

Keep in mind, I have prepared no questions, and any answers that Mady may come up with are completely on the fly

Not rehearsed

After all, most of my mental energy will be focused on bringing her here from a Fiction/Time Continuum, so that she can be here in the first place, Lol

AUTHOR (James Mahoney/DarkJade) : First of all, thank you for coming on such short notice Mady


AUTHOR: Let me start by saying, I’m not going to be asking you any questions about your father… As I don’t want to give anything away in regards to the first Novella “I Died Once”, nor this one

MADY: Alright

AUTHOR: I’m sure it must be strange being here, to begin with

MADLY: Oddly, not so much… I was just telling a gentlemen… A Colonial actually, that I met on a riverboat on the Mississippi, in Louisiana, how I didn’t really feel like I belonged in that time

AUTHOR: That is interesting timing

MADY: It is… Though I’m not really sure what that might mean

AUTHOR: Mady… As best you can… What do you think readers will think of this new novella, which I called “Mady’s Storm”?… It covers your time when you first returned to the United States, after being in Africa

MADY: Well… That was an interesting time

AUTHOR: Thank you

MADY: That’s right… I guess you did create it… Well… I was in a very internal, and confused place in my life… My past had been quite trying, as you know… But I might say, some might find it interesting… I know I did

AUTHOR: And how would you compare it to the time starting with your incident in the pool, and your initial time in Africa, which I covered in the First Novella, “I Died Once”?

MADY: Well, those times were trans formative to say the least… But they were also very hard, painful, confusing… My time back in the states initially, though confusing, and at sometimes intense, weren’t so devastatingly… Hard

AUTHOR: Well, I wouldn’t exactly say they were easy either

MADY: Truth be known James… My life has been such a varying degree of intensiveness, I can’t hardly say that any particular time wasn’t, if that’s what you mean

AUTHOR: I guess you could safely say that’s what I mean… Mady, it’s becoming a bit hard holding you here, and after all, you still have a life to live… Are there any last words you might impart to the future readers of your CHRONICLES

MADY:Hmm… I have developed a keen appreciation for the common man… And woman for that matter… Sometimes life can cast such a whirlwind of obstacles, and ordeals your way, that you hardly have time to catch your breath, from childhood, to adulthood… I guess the words I would impart are, be patient…Be hopeful… And have faith in yourself

AUTHOR: Thank you so much Mady

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