The Chase

Gilbert NightrayThe Chase

by DarkJade

Chapter One – Charity



November 16th, 2023

“Champ, Bobby’s got some kid outside, says he’s your brother…” says a bodyguard.

“What, another one?” replied Champ, a tall sleek good looking fellow, about 27, with black hair and brown eyes.

“Nah, the last one said she was your sister…” speaks a second bodyguard whose stuffing some food down…

“Ah yeah… Wish I had more sisters like that one, she was a looker…” replies Champ, and they all laugh.

“What should they tell him Champ?”

“Tell em, I don’t have a brother…” Champ spats out as he sits at the chair in front of his long bathroom mirror, and a young blond woman begins to do his hair.

“He says it’s Max…”

With this Champ suddenly brushes the blond hairstylist away from him, and looks at himself in the mirror.

“Max?” he replies.

boyOutside Champs apartment door, Bobby and another bodyguard let a 17 year old white haired young man inside Champ’s apartment.

Max is quiet, but intense… He makes his way through the door, and sees two other bodyguards standing against a wall facing the main bathroom in the place.

When Max comes around the corner, Champ is getting his hair worked on again.

“Hey kid, long time no see… How’s pops?” Champ belts at Max.

“Dad’s gone…” replies Max solemnly.

Champ looks a bit taken aback, but pulls himself quickly together…

“Yeah, well, he should have laid off the drink for a half a minute, then maybe he’d still be around…” Champ replies snidely, trying not to show any kind of pain or emotion.

“Yeah…” Max replies quietly.

“So what are you doing here man, you need some money or something? Cuz I–“

“No Max… I don’t need your money,” Max interjects before Champ can finish.

Max turns his chair to face Max.

“What then?”

“I’m going to find Missy, and Anna… And I’m just wondering if I can stay here with you for a while, while I do…”

This stuns Champ.

“Missy and Anna? They’ve been foster homed for seven years… How could you possibly think you can find them…” Champ states more than asks, as he turns back to face the mirror, and motions for the stylist to continue with his hair.

“Can I stay Champ? Once I do, I’ll get out of your hair for good, I promise…” Max says half earnestly.

“You’ve got balls of steel kid, I’ll give you that… Sure, you can stay, I’ll have Bruno set up one of the spare rooms… Make yourself at home…”

“Thanks Champ–” Max starts to reply, but Champ briskly turns the chair to face his brother again.

“But don’t touch any of my guitars… And just stay in that room… The Rock N Roll lifestyle can be pretty wild, and I don’t feel like cleaning up your body after a novice overdose,” he spats and turns back to face the mirror.

“Thanks Champ…” Max replies grinding his teeth a bit.


A black sedan with black windows sits and watches Champ’s apartment building.


PICTURE CREDIT – Black Haired, Anime Boy


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