“Star Pilots” – McCormick

mccormick“Star Pilots” – McCormick

by DarkJade

Episode One

His Name Was McCormick

He Was Like No Star Pilot I’ve Ever Seen

Like No Star Pilot Anyone Has Ever Seen

But He Is Not An Easy Man



THE YEAR, 2144



“Carnos, Edden And Reno, the other three Fighter Pilots of Quadrant 6, were all dead… And I just sat back and watched them die.”

Captain Errol Fleece Junupo sits distressed, and sweating at the conference room table, awaiting his superiors arrival to the chamber.

Suddenly Admiral Essex’s, and his 2nd in command Captain Tri, arrive through the sliding door, accompanied by four other Star Cruiser Officials.

“I’ll spare you the details, but basically they didn’t hold me accountable for what had happened on the Mars surface, they just wanted a first hand account.

Whether it was the Zi-Qi, destroyers of our Earth, or the Quenlen, our once allies, now vanished into space, that killed our Scientists and Pilots, the fact remains, there’s nothing on Mars that can help us.

The colony is space ash.

Something did happen today that was interesting though… In order to replace the other three pilots in my Quadrant 6… They released three of our prisoners.

Oh, and they appointed me Captain of Quadrant 6.”


Two fairly regular looking blokes arrive, and introduce themselves.

“I’m Jenus… And this is Cole…” Jenus reaches out and shakes Fleece’s hand.

Cole just nods.

“So, what were you two in for?” Fleece asks as he sits back on his cot.

“Food fight…” suddenly speaks the quiet Cole.

“Food fight?” Fleece seems surprised.

“Yeah, we struck the Admiral in the back of his head with a food tray… Short story short, he locked us up for the last month,” interjected Jenus, as he too sat on his own cot.

Cole laid down as well.

“But where was our fourth pilot?”


As the three men sleep, their chamber doors open up, and two Star Cruiser Security escort in the final Pilot.

“You be good now McCormick… None of your funny business,” spoke one of the guards as he uncuffed the Seb 1 Handcuff Unit from behind McCormick’s back.

Now McCormick wasn’t a very tall man… But he wasn’t short either… Around 5’9″… But as he was released, his eyes glimmered, and gleamed, which Fleece caught a glimpse of as he was awaken by the men.

“McCormick… I can’t believe it… He’s been locked up for the better part of two years…”

Soon it was just McCormick and I laying their awake in the dark, while the other two men slept through the whole thing.

“Names McCormick…” spoke McCormick.

“Captain Junupo… But you can call me Fleece,” Fleece replied.

“You’ve heard of me I take it…” McCormick continued.

“Definitely…” Fleece replied.

“Good… Than you know not to count on me,” McCormick finished as he rolled over and fell immediately asleep.




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