Kill The Messenger & Into The Woods… In Review

kill-the-messenger-54b41f5362d9aKill The Messenger & Into The Woods… In Review

Kill The Messenger

Story; The story was decent… It’s a true story.

Directing; The Directing was ok… Overall it felt a bit lack luster to me


kill-the-messenger-2014-jeremy-renner-movie-trailer-release-date-cast-plotGary Webb (Jeremy Renner); I’m a fan of Jeremy Renner… Ever since “Hurt Locker” (If you haven’t seen it, do)

I also liked him as Hawkeye in Avengers. He’s a good actor. In this he was ok… Visually he reminded me a lot of Sean Penn. He did a decent job in this, but I really feel like the lack luster Directing affected all of the Cast.

There are a lot of good Actors in this Film, but like I say, everything is affected by the Directing.

Review; In the end, this is a Lack Luster Film… The subject matter, however, is important. I’d give this Film a 6 out of 10. See it for the content.


Into The Woods

Story; I have to say that I loved the Musical/Play version of this Story. Stephen Sondheim is a Genius.

That said, I enjoyed the stage version (Which I saw on T.V) much more… But I hadn’t really expected the Film to capture that.

Director; Rob Marshall is great (Moulon Rouge). He did a decent job with this Film.


283f9a93-5e09-4bed-8c7f-a02f0f91bdbe_meryl_streep_witch_into_the_woodsMeryl Streep (Witch); When I originally saw that they were making this into a movie, my main concern was that it would be made into a Meryl Streep Showcase. But it wasn’t. Meryl Steep is one of the best Actresses of our time, however, I also find her as a person to be very self absorbed, Lol. I realize that, that is often a character trait of actors… But for me, it sometimes shines through in her performances. In the case of the Witch, there was maybe one scene that felt a bit much, but beyond that, she did a good job.

depp-into-the-woods-1335_612x380-600x372Little Red Riding Hood (Lilla Crawford); To me, Little Red Riding Hood was probably the best Actor/Character in the Film. I’m not talking Oscar Worthy Performance, I just found her Character to be the one that drew me the most into the Story.

As you see, Johnny Depp was asked to play the Wolf, and he was fine… I do love him as an Actor, but for me, after seeing Jeff Goldbloom do it in the Stage Production, everything else pretty much pales.

The Rest Of The Cast; Once again, many good Actors in this Film. And they all did a decent job. But Little Red Riding Hood and the Witch were probably my favorite. Kinda liked the Baker too.

Review; Overall, I enjoyed watching this movie. Having seen the Original, it really paled. But the effort on the Directors part, as well as the Actors, and the overall Production was very good. I’d give this Film a 6.75 out of 10. See it if you like Musicals… And young Adults would probably like it, ages 10 to 14… Not that it’s really a Kids Movie, but I do think they would be a more forgiving audience when it comes to Fairtale-ish Things.


3 Responses to “Kill The Messenger & Into The Woods… In Review”

  1. I have liked Jeremy Remmer since he did one of the Bourne series, when Matt Damon wasn’t available. He is a good actor, also played the Archer, I think was his Avengers’ name.

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