A Return To Screenplay Writing?

greenA Return To Screenplay Writing?

2015 is a big year for me

I’m in a place that I’ve never been before internallly

I’m starting to consider the possibility that it might actually be ok to be pretty happy

Now don’t get me wrong, I’m not a depressed or super sad person

But, I do believe I’ve limited myself a bit in regards to letting myself be truly happy

It’s not my fault really… We’ve all got our pasts, and things we’ve been through

And are dealing with on a day to day basis

But I feel really good right now

What does this have to do with Writing Screenplays?

While, I’ve been deliberating, and bouncing between Writing Books

Getting back into Film Making

Becoming a Financial Advisor (Mostly Stocks related)

And even Rune Reading to make some money

All of these things are amazing

But what I truly feel is I need, and want to really begin to Focus primarily on one thing

Don’t get me wrong, I will likely continue to educate myself on Stocks

And even give some advise in regards to them

And I will continue to study Runes, as I am drawn to them, and find them facinating

And frankly, I am a Writer and a Film Maker

So those things will always be in the mix

But during a conversation with my greatest, and favorite person

It was pointed out to me how much I lit up when talking about Re-Reading my Screenplay “White Jade”

Recently I contacted a Professional Actor/Director who I happened to meet

And asked if he would be willing to read both my Screenplay, “White Jade” and my Novella “I Died Once”

He replied ‘via twitter’ that he has a tight schedule this year, but will take a look

Which lead me to Re-Reading part of my Screenplay


I do believe I will begin again to start Writing Screenplays

Though I’ve written one full Screenplay

And tried a couple times to get a Writing Agent to no avail

I’ve never truly given the Craft of Screenplay Writing

And finding an Agent a 100% effort

In fact… The most I ever really gave it was maybe a 25% effort

Granted, getting an Agent to read your Screenplay is hard

Really hard

And until you do, you don’t have an Agent, which means it’s not being shopped around

Sure, you might meet someone at a party or something and get an opportunity to meet someone who can help you out

But the hard reality is, that is very unlikely

Even this Actor/Director who is going to try to take a look his schedule allowing

Is no guarantee

In fact, there’s probably a 25% chance I’ll ever hear from him again

Which is ok, I’ve never really been one whose been looking to be discovered

It just so happens that he plays a Detective on a television Series (“White Jade” is about a Detective)

And is a Father of 3 Girls (“White Jade” and “I Died Once” are both about Father Daughter relationships)

So we’ll see with that

Either way, I do believe I want truly give Screenplay Writing a try

Keep in mind, I do have my Second Novella “Mady’s Storm” coming out in May or June of this year

Which is the Sequel to “I Died Once”

But truth be known, both “I Died Once” and “Mady’s Storm” could easily be transformed/converted to Screenplays

Wish me luck



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White Jade YouTube Videos

I Died Once

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