The City

The City 2The City

When Stars drop from the sky


And Full of light

You should hold them till you die

Love them…

Fill their lives

When Stars Fall past the moon

Break the barrier…

Start a new

Your eyes let me know straight away…

Held you close

Hope you stayed…

When you came into my life

I woke straight up…

From a clouded rain

When you shared with me the night…

It’s then I knew…

You could be mine


New York City – New York

“My name is Timothy Collins…”

A sleek looking male, in a black trench coat, with white stylish hair, steps into a Starbucks

“And I’m a Listener…”

Inside there are a table of young girls laughing, Timothy himself is 23

He orders a hot tea, and makes his way out the door as quickly as he came in

The girls hardly get a glimpse of him, but seem to feel him as he walks by

They continue laughing and chatting

“There are three secrets that I will never tell anyone…”

“One would get me killed… And I’m not quite ready yet…”

“And one would send me to prison for 20 years.”

“The other would destroy anyone I’ve cared about in my life…”

“Of course at the moment… There are none.”

He enters a local hospital Emergency Room, and makes his way into the doctor and nurses locker room

“One of my identities is that of an Intern at an Emergency Room…”

“But no one truly knows who I am.”

“And I prefer it that way.”

“Evening Billy, how goes it,” speaks  a different Intern looking Timothy’s way

Timothy looks over at him, but doesn’t reply

“I haven’t decided yet…”

“If I’m going to interact with people.”

Timothy gets up after putting on his Intern attire, and passes right by the other Intern

“Or if I”m going to change this place…”


Timothy has finished his shift and is walking down the sidewalk

Suddenly he walks into traffic

“Sometimes I walk directly in front of taxis…”

A taxi headed right towards him screeches to a halt, “HEY BUDDY, HAVE YOU LOST YOUR MIND!”

Timothy goes back to the sidewalk, and continues on his way

“I like to keep them sharp…”

“They need to be sharp.”

“They are the stumbling feet of New York.”

“They are motion…”


10 Responses to “The City”

  1. A sparkling poem and very mysterious first chapter.


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