The City – Julian Geer

Anime-boy-with-white-hair-and-blue-eyesThe City



“I am Billy Nordum… An Intern at a New York hospital”

“I am Rex Daro… A taxi driver”

“I am Julian Geer”

“I am Timothy Collins…”

“And I am a Listener.”


Deep beneath the city of New York, an underground party takes place…

Candles… Drugs… Wine… Woman… And… Young men?

A long, dark haired man, in a long gold jacket, sits in a red velvet and dark wood chair, surrounded by 6 to 8 under aged guys, who are responding to his every whim.

Julian Geer approaches, wearing a very white and black suit.

“Agent Julian Geer… At last we meet,” speaks the man known as The Beholder.

“At last,” replies Julian.

“I thought you’d be older,” speaks The Beholder as one of the young men feeds him a Monticello Cherry.

The young men are all wearing white, and have silver glittery makeup on.

They scope out Julian, but are not impressed.

Save one who looks particularity scared… Julian takes note.

“They always do… Say… Are these guys here willingly?”

The Beholder seems a bit taken off guard by this remark.

“HaHaHa…” The Beholder claps his hands, and the young men all leave… At the same time the one that had been looking at Julian, looked back at him, sweating…. Desperate…

The Beholder points at a near by chair, “Sit…”

Julian takes one last look at the young man, and then takes the seat.

“You’ve taken a liking to one of them… You but say the word, and I–“

“I’m alright,” Julian cuts him off before he finishes.

“Very well… So tell me Julian Geer… To what do I owe the honor?”

“Nice collection of young men you got there…”

“You’re not too bad yourself… Still… You’re a little too old for my taste,” The Beholder looks to be in his 40’s.

“I won’t let you destroy the city Vaug…” Julian suddenly says, as he waves away a waitress.

“HaHa… So you know who I am then.”

“I know you’re Vaug Hendrichs… I know you go by The Beholder,” replies Julian

“Who told you I was going to destroy the city?

“A little voice inside my head…” replies Julian.

The Beholder looks to be losing his patience.

“Voices eh… You should take something for that.”

“I’ve already had all that I can take… With this place,” Julian replies, prodding him on.

The Beholder is not impressed.

“Clever… But I think that it’s time that you go…” The Beholder says, and …


…he claps his hands loudly.

“Out of sight… Does not mean… Out of mind,” Julian spats out as two large security guards in white suits lift Julian from his chair.

“Remove him,” The Beholder simply states, no longer looking at Julian…


…he smacks his hand together again, and the young men return, and surround him.

Julian is dragged on his heals out of the party chamber.


He lights a cigarette and looks over the city… It’s started to rain.

“People die on this planet every day…”

“But it is not their choice…”

“Vaug singed his own death warrent tonight…”

“Julian won’t let him too off his leash…”

“But Vaug knows that… Which means…”


Six men in black suits, with blood red shirts, step off a boat.




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