The City – Time

waThe City

by dArKjAdE






Detective Milly Rowe is looking at 6 dead bodies.

She has medium brown hair, brown eyes and fair skin.

“Bullet holes to the head and chest… Two shots each…” she speaks to the doctor standing next to her.

“Execution style…” speaks Timothy under his breath as he stands nearby checking on a different patient.

“Vaug’s goons did this.”

Detective Rowe catches wind of what he says as he wanders off.

“Who was that?” she asks the doctor with her.

“Who that… That’s just Billy… He’s an Intern… Don’t let him bug you none… He’s not exactly a people person.”


Timothy exits the building, after finishing work.

“Billy…” a woman’s voice comes from around the corner.

It’s Detective Rowe.

“Yes?” Timothy replies.

She sticks out her hand, “My name is Detective Milly Rowe, NYPD.”

He just looks at her hand, “Right… So?”

She drops her hand, “Mr. Tray… I do believe I could use your help on this case.”

Timothy appears stunned.

“Since when does a NYPD Detective need anyone, other than their cohort’s help…” he states more than asks.

“Since now,” she replies.


Timothy sits at a table across from Detective Rowe.

“You said execution style…”

“I’ve watched my share of t.v. and movies… Seems pretty obvious…” he peers around the department through the surrounding windows, “Still not sure why I’m here.”

“You weren’t taken aback with this Mr. Tray… You were enthralled… I could see it.”

With this Timothy takes out a cigarette… She lights it.

“Billy…” he takes a deep hit, “you can call me Billy.”

“Alright Billy.”

“So what… I’m a psycho? A sociopath… What’s your point.”

“I don’t think you’re a sociopath Billy… I think you’re not surprised this happened.”

He stares at her blankly.

“I should probably talk to a lawyer or somethen…”

“I’m not after you Billy… Frankly I could care less about your past dealings… In fact… I wouldn’t care if your pockets were laced with coke. What I care about is the 6… Count them 6 local business men that landed in your morgue. Six men who worked their hands to the bone so they could provide for their families. I looked these guys up… These aren’t criminals… They’re good men.” she finishes.

“There’s specs of yellow floating around in those crystal brown eyes of hers.”

Timothy suddenly feels uncomfortable.

“Not wanting to feel… I can’t afford to feel… Not now… I’m too close.”

He stands.

“Is that all?”

There’s an awkward silence.

“Yes.” she finally replies, not looking at Timothy.

He leaves.

As he walks through the Police Department he is caught up in thought…

“If she ends up being the next one in the morgue… I will be pist.”

He tears up.

“I thought you couldn’t feel… No more… Damn human weakness.”



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