The City – Tough Ride

boyThe City

by dArKjAdE






Episode VI – Tough Ride

New York City, New York – Evening

Billy is riding in his blue decked out taxi…

Trance Music blaring

“I Can’t Stop Thinking About The Beholder And His Goons”

He tears down the quieting streets of New York, crossing through time square…

Suddenly 3 sleek looking black sport cars flick on their lights from the side of the street, and begin to follow him one by one

“Now Maybe Julian Could Do Something About It… But I’m Not Julian Right Now… And His Business Is By Command, Not By Whim…”

Suddenly he notices the lights closing in on him in his rear view mirror.

“That Guy Is Driving Awful Close…”

He pulls over and waves em by… 1… 2… 3 identical black sports cars wiz by him, and pull over up ahead… Turning off their lights.

Billy just stares at them for a moment when


A guy starts banging on his back window.

“Hey man, you open for service?” a stressed out man in a long brown coat calls out to him.

Billy stares at the cars ahead of them in the darkness, and lights up a cigarette…

“Sure,” he replies, and opens the door, the guy jumps in

“Thanks man… Airport.”

With this Billy tears out of the side spot, and drives past the three cars which sit in the dark.

“How you doin tonight,” he starts up a polite convo, as he looks into his rear view mirror again, and notes the three cars turning on their lights, and begin following him again.

“Not bad, running a bit late, truth is I’m not sure I’m going to make it to my flight, even though I was fortunate enough to find you…”

Suddenly Billy steps on it…


And the taxi takes off down the road…

The man in the backseat is tossled…

“Woe…” he speaks without thinking.

“Hold on…” Billy says, as he clicks on some nitros, and the car just takes off…

The three cars behind him seem to disappear.

Billy smiles, and flicks the cigarette out the window… When

The lights start to appear behind him again.

“Ah shit…” he speaks and tears around a corner.

“Woe!” the man is thrown around the back seat.

Billy then turns on auto pilot, and draws two guns from his side, and sticks himself outside his window, and lets off many gun shots.


The cars take the hits, but are unmarked….

“Shit…” Billy says again, and slides back in.

“Uh…” the man in the back starts to speak.

“Don’t worry buddy, we’ll get you there…”

Suddenly Billy heads towards a dock, as if he’s going to drive right off…

“Ahhhh!” the man in the back of the car yells.

Billy half smiles and flies off the dock, landing into the ocean, submersing.

The three cars tear to a halt, and slowly start to drive off.

Meanwhile, under the water, Billy flicks a switch, and the wheels go up under the car, making it into a bit of a submarine.

He flicks on the inside lights, and hands the man a cup of coffee.

“A bit of a shortcut.”


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