The Paladin – The Elven Archer

elven archerThe Paladin

by dArKjAdE

Chapter One

Chapter Two

CHAPTER III – The Elven Archer

In the dark of the Mythorn Forrest, The Paladin Shaylyr sits at a campfire across from the Elven Archer, Nynwahen

“I never did thank you for waking me from that paralyzed daze I seemed to have fallen into upon facing the need of slaying someone…” spoke Shaylyr, as eloquent as he could, which didn’t end up being all that eloquent.

Nynwahen smiled slightly, “It’s not important.”

“But it is… And I thank you,” Shaylyr reiterated with conviction, as if requesting acknowledgement to it.

And so Nynwahen nodded, accepting the Paladin’s appreciation.

Shaylyr, his helmet now removed, showed that he had sandy blond hair, about shoulder length… And his eyes were a sort of dark grey.

He was of a fairly large size, around 230lbs, and stood 6’3″ tall.

Nynwhanen, on the other hand, was perhaps 130lbs, and stood around 5’8″.

“Tell me about your family Paladin… The night is long yet… I could use a tale,” spoke Nyn, as he preferred to be called.

“My father was a Paladin as well… He was a good man… Provided for his family… But I did not know him well… His life was not truly his own, you know… As is the way of our Order… No, he served the 4 Gods, and he served them well,” he explained.

“My mother was lost to sickness, and I have two brothers, and a sister… All younger… My sister and one of my brothers are twins… They are the age of 15, and study the ways of the Paladin as well… As does my second brother, who is 22… He’s on his own now as well… I am 24 by the way,” he concludes.

“A family of Paladins, as is the way,” replied Nyn as he played with a stick in the fire.

“And you? What of your family…” questioned Shaylyr.

“Lost… Lost in an Orc and Ogre attack, some 5 or so years ago…” he replied without showing much emotion.

“The Tarenhol attacks?” Syaylyr questioned.

“Aye… The very same,” Nyn replied.

“So many lives lost… How I begged my father that I might join him in defending your people…” Shaylyr spoke with great angst.

“I fear if you had, we would not be sitting here this day… It is a miracle that I escaped with my life… Some 3,000 elves were lost that day, and 200 Paladin as well… It was a horror my friend… A horror.”

Somehow the conversation had gotten quiet solemn, and both men went quiet for the rest of the night… Until each of them finally went to sleep.



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