The Paladin – The Mage

mage-110The Paladin

by dArKjAdE

Chapter One

“I Should Have Seen Them Coming…”

“What Kind Of Mage Am I”

“What Kind Of Fool Am I…”

Chapter II – The Mage


Crossing through the deep, rocky path of Edgewyn Valley, are a legion of 200 Dark Orcs… Lead by General Zai Zai Qed

A ferocious warrior, and conquering leader

Amongst their marching legion, is a line of some 12 prisoners, chained together, muddied, and bloodied

Amongst them a dark purple cloaked, and hooded mage… Named Joro

With shoulder length dark brown hair, and dark blue eyes, he grinds his teeth in self disappointment…

Practically detached from the fact that he’s surrounded by hostile, magic fearing Dark Orcs

“Fool… Fool… Fool”

Were the words he repeated to himself over and over again.


Staggering though a nearby wood, tears running down her face, a black armoured Knight stumbles her way through the many trees… Dragging a longsword at her side.

“Oh God… Oh God… Oh God”

She repeats to herself, until she stumbles out into the middle of the Edgewyn Valley path…

…what she sees before her is unphathonable…

A whole legion of Dark Orcs only a hundred feet away.

Zai Zai Qed brings his great Dire Wolf War mount to a halt, and simply gazes at her with blue fire in his eyes

She stares back… Her short blond hair muddied, and eyes of green peering fearlessly, or they at least appear that way.

She’s about to dive down the hillside when she takes note of the prisoners…

She swallows, and walks towards the legion…

Zai Zai smiles with jagged, and sharpened teeth, and rides forward alone, waving his Captains to stay behind…


Suddenly Joro’s intuition speaks to him, and he pulls down his hood to see an unbelievable sight

The knight now stands weakened in front of the great Orc Leader, her sword leaning against the ground at her side… She looks as if she’s about to fall over

“Release the human prisoners…” she speaks with absolute conviction, knowing full well the Orc isn’t likely to speak Human…

Zai Zai Qed’s eyes squint, and he dismounts… At one side is a mace as tall as the Knight herself, standing at 5’6″… And at his other side, a great axe no smaller

He leans forward…

“Now why would I do that… Human,” he growls in a reasonably understandable Human dialect.

She’s in shock at him speaking her Human language… But she must continue to appear confident

“Bravo… You do speak Human… Should make things a bit more reasonable… I’m impressed,” she speaks trying to maintain calmness…

Meanwhile, Zai Zai’s Archrs itch to unleash a rainstorm of arrows… But continue to hold

“Ha Ha Ha!” Zai Zai Qed can’t hold back his laughter…

“You would be… Human,” he replies

The, Knight, Zara by name, then raises her sword to the Orc’s throat in one slow movement…

“Release the Human prisoners… Or they lose their Leader,” she plainly, bravely states.

The Orc Leader stares at her with inquisitive rage… No one… I say no one has ever stood up directly to Zai Zai Qed…

His gruesome teeth glare again, as he smiles as best an orc can, and laughes harder than he knew possible…

Meanwhile, his Captains are completely baffled, and glance at one another for some sense of what might be going on

Suddenly the Orc remounts his wolf, and rides back to his legion…

“RELEASE THE PRISONERS!” he bellows, and though they are confused by this, the Orc Warriors surrounding the prisoner do just that…

Zara is shocked… But moves to the side of the road as the legion passes by her

The prisoners are completely lost, but at least they are free… They hug one another…

All save Joro…

Zara is sitting on the ground now, playing with the dirt with the end of her dagger…

…when suddenly two soft black shoes appear before her.

Zara looks up to see Joro who does not look pleased…

“Do you know who that was Warrior…” speaks Joro impatiently.

“Knight…” she replies as she stands.

“Excuse me?” Joro responds.

“I’m a Knight… Not a Warrior,” she plainly states, quickly losing interest in the conversation, her eyes now darting around for the best route off this path, and out of the Valley.

“My apologies… Knight… Do you know who that was?” he asks again.

“I do not know who you speak of, but I bid you farewell…” she speaks as she sheaths her sword, and makes her way down the path.

“It was Zai Zai Qed!” he speaks loudly at the back of her…

…she stops… And turns to face him.

“That was Zai Zai Qed?” her face goes pale…

Joro quickly makes his way to her, and helps her to stand.

He grabs her face before she passes out…

“That was simply the most amazing thing I’ve ever seen what you just did there… And I shall recount the tale of it at every tavern I go to for the rest of my days…” with this he lets out a great smile at her.

“That’s great… Really,” she slurs, then continues down the path, staggering, as Joro assists her.



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  1. Very Tolkienesque.

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