The Paladin – The Doppelganger

doppleThe Paladin

by dArKjAdE

Chapter One

Chapter Two

Chapter Three

“It Wasn’t Me I Tell You!”

“It Wasn’t… Me.”

CHAPTER IV – The Doppleganger


Joro and Zara sit at a corner table… In what is a fairly busy tavern.

There are Dwarves, and Humans, Thieves, Warriors and all sorts about.

Joro studies away at one of his Magic Books, with one hand firmly about the neck of a tall metal chalice full of very dark red wine…

Meanwhile, Zara looks sadly at her huge tankard of ale, but continues to drink.

Suddenly Joro stops reading…

“So… If Zai Zai Qed has entered the territory, things really have gotten as bad as they say,” he says hoping she will not confirm it.

Zara merely nods, and continues to drink.

“May I ask you why you’re so sad Zara?” Joro inquires.

“Nope…” she replies with out looking his way.

“Alright then…” he replies in irritated fashion, and goes back to his reading.

Meanwhile, in the outskirts of town, Shaylyr and Nyn make there way… Shay still riding on the back of Nyn’s horse.

“I hope they have horses in this town… Not that I don’t appreciate the lift,” speaks Shaylyr.

“They will,” replies Nyn.

The two are about to enter the town gates, when Nyn brings his horse to a halt.

“This is as far as I go,” he states.

Shaylyr dismounts, “What do you mean?”

“Towns like this do not ‘appreciate’ Elves, and there is nothing here for me anyway,” he explains as he’s about to ride off.

“Let me at least buy you an Ale… Or some wine for your troubles… It would mean a lot to me Nyn, for your assistance.

Nyn is about to say no, but the look in Shaylyr’s eyes is so pure… So… Honorable… He can not decline.

“Very well…” and they continue into the town.

Once within its’ walls, Shaylyr looks to find a horse, and in fact does, a great grey one…

Nyn approves, and the two make their way to The Red Rogue Tavern, tying their horses out front.

Inside, Zara has passed out face first against the table, leaving Joro to his reading.

The Paladin steps inside the Tavern, towering over most within, his silver grey armour gleaming proudly.

The inhabitants within the Tavern take note of his arrival, but then carry on about their conversations etc.

Next steps in Nyn, and suddenly the mood changes…

“WE’LL HAVE NONE OF HIS TYPE IN HERE!” bellows a Dwarf from a back table.

“He’s with me…” plainly states the Paladin…

“If you’ve got a problem with that, we can take it outside,” Shaylyr finishes as the two of them sit at the bar.

“A chalice of wine…” Shaylyr says to the bartender, then looks over at Nyn, who nods, “…make that two chalices of wine,”

The bartender hurriedly obliges.

Suddenly Nyn’s eyes are captivated, and Shaylyr looks to see what he’s looking at…

Nyn is staring directly at Joro… Shay looks at the long purple cloak on Joro’s back, and that’s when he stands and draws forth his hammer…

“YOU!” he yells, which both wakes Zara, and has Joro slowly peaking over his book.

“My lord…” he mumbles under his breath at the great paladin at the bar, whose drawn his hammer, which now glows a yellow orange white light…




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