The Paladin – The Knight


The Paladin

by dArKjAdE

Chapter One

Chapter Two

Chapter Three

Chapter Four

“Thou Shalt Not Pass”

CHAPTER V – The Knight

All of the inhabitants of The Red Rogue Tavern parted, leaving some 40 odd feet between The Paladin Shaylyr, his glowing hammer raised, and Joro, the unsuspecting Mage, who had now sat his magic book down upon the table…

“IT WASN’T ME! I SWEAR! IT WASN’T ME!” called out Joro in desperation…

“What wasn’t you Mage…” spoke Nyn, who had now stepped beside Shaylyr, his long ash bow drawn…

“What ever it was, I didn’t do it,” Joro continued to plead.

“What was it Mage! Why did you slay that young Cleric so thoughtlessly… Without remorse,” spoke Shaylyr loudly, his hands gripping the hammer handle tighter, longing to strike.

“I know no Cleric sir, that I have slain… You must believe me, for I do not lie,” replied Joro.

“Must I now,” spoke Shaylyr.

“It really doesn’t matter either way Paladin,” suddenly Zara’s voice rang through the tavern, clear as a bell, as she moved in front of the Mage in a quick sweep…

Shaylyr eyed the strong woman in black armour, but she was unwavering.

“You’d best check your mind sir, for I’m sure that you will find that it is off…” spoke Zara as she lifted her long sword above her head.

Suddenly Nyn placed a hand upon Shaylyr’s shoulder, “She’s a Knight… I doubt that she’s mistaken.”

With this Shaylyr loosened his grip, and the orange, yellow, white glow of his hammer dissipated…

“Yes well…” with this Shaylyr stumbled out of the tavern, shaken with his rage… Something he had not truly felt before.

Nyn gave one more look at the Knight Zara, who had brought down her sword, and returned to her table, where her head did drop once more, and she continued her slumber.

Meanwhile Joro stepped towards the Elven Archer, “I wish to speak to your friend…” he spoke.

Nyn nodded, and the two of them stepped out of the tavern…

Outside Shaylyr pet his great grey steed, and poured some water out of his wineskin onto his face.

“Good sir… A word if I might,” spoke Joro graciously.

This startled Shaylyr a moment, but he quickly nodded, as he strapped his hammer to the side of his horse.

“May I ask… Why you thought I had slain a young Cleric?”

“It was the Village Klay…” spoke Nyn out of place.

Joro looked first at Nyn, then Shaylyr, “South of here?”

“Aye,” replied Nyn.

At this point Shaylyr, who had yet to actually speak to the Mage, sat down on the wooden planks outside The Red Rogue Tavern.

His large form creaking the wood.

“There was a Mage there in a violet cloak matching yours… He killed an unarmed, unarmoured Cleric right in the middle of town, while several Dark Warriors held him.

“I see,” replied Joro fairly perplexed, yet intrigued.

“I have never seen a cloak of that color before… So when I saw you… You see, the Mage had his hood on, and was turned away, I saw not his face…” Shaylyr explained, and in hearing himself say it, began to feel like he may have been a bit hasty in his verbal assault upon Joro.

Shaylyr extended his arm to the Mage.

Joro couldn’t help but smile, and reached out as well,”Joro is my name… And you are?”

“Shaylyr… Paladin of The Watchers Order…” Shaylyr replied.

Joro then looked at Nyn…

“Nynwahen… But most call me Nyn,” spoke Nyn.

“I will say that this cloak is rare indeed… Given to me by my father, who was of noble decent within my people.”

“But most that wear it, save me, do not practice magic… No in fact, the nobles where it, but I have left those ranks to go my own way…” continued Joro who seemed to be formulating a thought.

“There is one other possibility, though remote…” he suddenly spoke, as returned inside of the tavern to retrieve his book, then back to the Paladin and Elf.

Joro opened his book to a picture of a black faceless humanoid, “Naytonon…” he spoke.

“Naytonon?” replied Nyn as he took the book into his hands.

“A doppleganger,” spoke Joro almost excitedly.

“What? A shape shifter… Those are but myths,” spoke Shaylyr.

With this Joro looked ath Shaylyr with great clarity in his eyes…

“Oh no… That’s not true… They’re definitely real.”



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  2. Very creative; I think we must be kindred spirits.

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