The Paladin – The Rangers

RANGERsThe Paladin

by dArKjAdE

Chapter One

Chapter Two

Chapter Three

Chapter Four

Chapter Five

CHAPTER VI – The Rangers

The Paladin Shaylyr, the Elven Archer Nynwahen, the Mage Joro and the Knight Zara spent that evening discussing the slaying of the young Cleric, potentially by a Doppelganger, and the fact that the notorious Orc General Zai Zai Qed was leading a legion of Orcs into the nearby territory, and how all of it played into what is quickly being called The Rise of Darkness…

“I’m not exactly sure how the four of us are supposed to stop a legion of Orcs, or this ‘Rise of Darkness’… We are but four…” spoke Zara, who seemed more interested in her ale than the conversation.

“You are a Knight? right…” replied Nyn, annoyded by Zara’s lack of conviction…

With this Zara started to slowly draw her sword, “You doubt it… Elf.”

“Enough!” spoke out Shaylyr as he grabbed Zara’s sword drawing hand.

“Zara is right… We may not be able to stop this legion, but we can certainly see what they’re up to…” interjected Joro.

“And the Mage? or… Doppelganger… Whichever it be,” questioned Nyn.

“I’m afraid that will have to wait… This legion of orcs seems to pose more of a threat… At least in my eyes…” replied Shaylyr as he took a swig of wine.

“We’ll need Rangers to track the legion into the Pennor Region… They will find their trail, as well as help us cover ours…” spoke Nyn.


Outside in an alleyway of the town, three Rangers stood before them.

The first a young red haired man, who looked like he did not trust humans, though he is one.

The second a more rough looking fellow, with dark hair, and dark eyes, he was surely their leader, if there was one.

And the last a fair haired Elf, surely a High Elf, who’d turned to Rangerhood.

He was an elegant looking creature if ever there was, with his long, silver black bow, and long flowing blue water like cloak.

“Will you help us…” spoke Shaylyr.

“What you ask… Is a lot,” replied the rough leader, Truer by name.

“We are more than willing to pay for your services,” spoke Joro who gestured towards the large sack of silver held by Shaylyr.

“It’s not about the money,” whispered just audibly enough the red head ranger, called Doren.

“Than what is it about… Don’t waste our time… There are others,” interjected Zara who was securing her horse, and didn’t even look at the Rangers as she spoke.

“This has the feeling of a quest… More than an inquisitive undertaking,” replied the High Elf, called Brisk Leaf.

Shaylyr started with a sigh… “Perhaps it is… Perhaps it is.”

With this Truer smiled slightly… “Well then…” he stepped forward to arm embrace Shaylyr, “…that’s different.”

The two armed embraced, “We’re definitely in…” he finished, and he brushed by the sack of silver, to get his dark brown steed.

“There will be no need for payment,” spoke Brisk Leaf as he smiled and passed as well.

“Great… A quest,” interjected Doren under his breath, but he too nodded at Shaylyr, and made his way to his light tan horse.

Brisk Leaf intended to run… No steed required.

And before they knew it, the 7 of them were off… Off to track Zai Zai Qed and his legion… Off to pursue… A quest.

Meanwhile in the shadows, the form of Joro, but not Joro, watched… His long violet cloak draping to the ground.

“Where you go…” he spoke as his form went black, then reformed as Doren the Ranger, “I follow.”


PICTURE CREDIT – Ranger, Paizo, The Ranger

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