Blog Series – 2011-2015

Blog SeriesBlog Series – 2011-2015

In August 2011, I Created this Blog, as an outlet for my Writing

Quickly I began pouring all of my Creativity into it, and used it as a kind of Open Ended Writing Journal

Full of Stories, Editorials, Things of Interest

But primarily, for Creative Writing

During this process I created what I began calling ‘Blog Series’

These were basically ongoing serial type stories, designed to be posted on the Blog

Keeping in mind, most of my Writing is straight out of my head

Or straight out of a Notebook, which had been filled right out of my head

None of it is Edited

And I am not naturally good with grammar

Math and Creative Writing were my best subjects in school

Grammar… Not so much

And so what you get here is rough, but straight from my mind, heart and soul

Back to the Blog Series

Below are a list of Links/Blog Pages

Which will lead you to the many different Blog Series I’ve created along the way

Some have many Episodes/Chapters Etc.

Some only a few

I hope that you enjoy them

With my thanks for your interest


Blog Series 2011-2013

Captain Fire 197 (2011-2012)

Blog Series 2012 (Not included in the above pages)

Blog Series 2013-2014

Octo (2014)

Blog Series 2015



2 Responses to “Blog Series – 2011-2015”

  1. I always thought your writing was unique, Jade. Never stop doing it. 🙂

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