The Paladin – Into The Woods

SkyrimPainting2The Paladin

by dArKjAdE

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“Man Is An Arrogant Breed…”

“One Worth Slaughtering”

“And Forgetting…”


CHAPTER VII – Into The Woods

The air is cool…

The Rangers Truer, Doren and Brisk Leaf have separted, but lead Zara, Joro, Shaylyr and Nyn deep into the Bolftire Woods, hot on the trail of General Zai Zai Qed, and his legion of two to three hundred orcs…

“Where Are They Heading…”

Shaylyr wonders of Qed’s Legion, as his party of four seem to follow no one through the woods, though in truth, the Rangers leave them indicators which guide them, though they themselves are nowhere to be seen…

“Here…” announces Nyn just audibly enough to be heard, as he points at a purposely broken branch, left by the Ranger Doren.

“Will this journey never end,” complains Zara, as she hacks her way through some of the branches around her.

“Are you sure you’re a Knight?” questions Joro in jest, as he reads contently his book of magic, letting his steed lead his way.

Zara gives Joro an unfriendly glance, followed by a quarter smile.

It’d been a long time since she traveled with a party of any sort… She was a loner in the truest sense of the word.

It was her way… She felt it was the safest way to not be killed by another fools error… And supplied her the luxury of caring about no one, which was helpful in such times as when she might be tortured by an enemy…

“Tortured…” she inadvertently spoke quietly under her breath.

With this Nyn cast a subtle glance back at Zara, as his elven ears were the only ones that caught wind of it…

“This Knight Is A Complete Mystery…”

Thought Nyn to himself, then continued his movement forward through the woods, his long elven ash bow strapped securely to his back, and short sword drawn and hacking away.


Yo Pre Ghado, an Asian looking man in his late 30’s, to early 40’s, black robed, stands upon a rock preaching his words to a pack of trolls that had found their way into his 60 Dark Warrior Camp…

“Here me brothers! The time has come to shift the waking world in our direction… You and your people will be wiped out if you do not move beyond your meager ambush tactics… I bestow upon you, ‘ambition’… Something that your kind lack…” the trolls do not look pleased by these words, but they are 6, surrounded by the 60 some odd Dark Warriors serving Yo Pre Ghado.

“This is not your fault… But the time for evolution is upon us… All of us must change… Take on aspects of one another’s people, in order to vanquish these lesser beings with all their ‘honor’, and ‘valor’… Let them burn I say… Let them burn…”

“HRRRAHH!” exclaimed the Dark Warriors, where as the trolls merely looked about, overwhelmed by this ‘interactive’ manner… Thus was not the Troll way.

Watching in the distance, is Doran, one of the three Rangers employed by the Paladin Shaylyr, and his party.

“You really shouldn’t ease drop brother…” suddenly a voice that sounded… Well… Exactly like Doran’s own came from behind him.

He began to sweat as he slowly turned to face this mysterious figure who seemed to appear out of nowhere… Dorn’s dagger was drawn low.

What Doran saw, shattered his mind… An exact image of himself stood before him…

“Naytonan…” spoke Doran quietly, more to himself than to the figure standing before him… A doppelganger.

The mimic stood staring at Doran with a menacing grin, his sword held high above his head.

“You know your myths…” and with this, quicker than Doran could react, the mimic brought his sword down upon the him…

“Too bad I’m not one.”



4 Responses to “The Paladin – Into The Woods”

  1. A wonderful tale of magic. I’ve just watched the first episode of The Hobbit and your story reminds me so much of this.

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