Lights – Engage


by dArKjAdE


“In One Mind…”

“Out Another”


Chicago – 2138

A blackened building…

One and a half dozen men in black, gas masked, and bearing Z600 Canons enter the mutant filled building…

Lights at the top of their guns, it looks like some sort of white fairy dance from Kore’s floor…

…as he sits on a crate eating a can of beans.

“Corporate @#@#$!”


They enter the building clearing the hallways of mutants with rapid fire…

It’s like a lightning storm on level one…

Twelve more floors to go…

Scout leads his pack… But in his helmet he receives a telecomute-o-gram from Joseph.

“How’s it going in there Scout…” speaks Joseph.

“All is well laddy…”


…speaks Scout as he and his men lay waste to the unsuspecting mutants.

Meanwhile upstairs, Kore looks at the huge stack of canned beans.

“Dam it…”

He then opens his door, and there is a mutant standing there…

OOMFARGH! screams the mutant as Kore throws a fist in its chest, his fist lighting up in a white glow as it strikes, blowing the mutant back up against the wall…

Meanwhile Scout and his Mercenary crew have reached the third level, heading up the stair well.

“This is easy!” speaks one of the mercenaries…

Scout on the other hand seems a bit hesitant suddenly.

“Too easy.” he thinks to himself.

With this Scout lets the others make their way up, and out into the third level hallway…

“Whose that!” one of the mercenaries suddenly says, as Kore is standing at the end of the hallway, his motorcycle helmet now on, causing the 1, 2 and 3 on his helmet to light up in blue light, then fading.

Surprisingly there don’t appear to be any mutants on this level, but there is a scent like that of a hot oven.

Scout steps through the lot, and sees the man.

“You’d best clear out of here buddy, this building belongs to Joseph Ridlen now, Chicago City Official…” speaks Scout, but Kore does not reply…

Scout pauses for a moment waiting for a response… “Eh… Waste em.”

Just as the men begin to raise their cannons, Kore raises his arms, his fists now aimed at the mercenaries…

“Send my regards to our City Official” he thinks to himself before…

SHAMMM!!! a white light blares out of his hands, incinerating them…


…and all is silent.

A moment later Kore is downstairs, knocking down a mutant here in there, with the same glowing punchs to their chests, mounts his YT7000 Hover Bike…


…and takes off.


PICTURE CREDIT – Post Apocalypse

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  1. Dark and sinister plots awake!

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