Some Of The Reasons I Want To Make Films

Some Of The Reasons I Want To Make Films

I Thought Before People Supported Me On My “White Jade” Kickstarter Project, They Should Know A Bit About My Taste In Film… In Particular… Sci Fi

Star Wars

(The Reason I Became A Filmmaker)

The Empire Strikes Back

(One Of My Two Favorite Films (The Original Being The Other) And Best Sequel)

But More Than That, Darth Vader Is My All Time Favorite Villain

Though I Wasn’t A Huge “Return Of The Jedi” Fan, I Did Feel It Was Luke’s Best Film

(This Is For The Jedi Fans)

Moving On…

Blade Runner

Blade Runner Is A Masterpiece

(Another Great Villain… Another Great Scene)


Ahead Of It’s Time… Extremely Impactive On Me

TRON: Legacy

I Loved The Second One Too

The Common Thread… Jeff Bridges, And Light Cycles

But They Were Much More Than That

The Matrix

The Original Was Amazing… Game Changing

The Matrix: Reloaded

Though I Did Not Care For The Other Matrix Films All That Much, This Scene Is Amazing

Crossing Over To Fantasy…

Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon

Simply Amazing



Star Trek: The Wrath Of Khan

The Best Star Trek Film… Another Great Villian


Great Film

The Terminator

Brilliant Concept, And Villain


Beautiful/Great Film

That’s All For Now

I Hope This Gives You A Glimpse In What I Want To Do In Film

Very Cool… But Very Human


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