by dArKjAdE


Bay City

On The Outskirts Of Avalon

The Prison Dome

Bay City Police Department

Lieutenant Fade Black stares outside the window…

…in the distance, the red prison dome can be seen

“Fade you alright?” he’s suddenly awoken by the voice of Lieutenant Lin.

“Oh… Yeah… What’s up?” he replies in a half daze.

Fade is a 6′ 3″ man, in his late 20’s.

Lieutenant Lin is a Chinese woman in her mid 20’s.

“The Chief wants you go to this guys house, ‘Rain McCann’, and question him about this ‘Rune’ fellow… Supposedly he knew him.”

Fade smirks, “Alright…”

“Rune… Come on… That guy is a myth… I finally get together enough evidence to prove that the criminals in Avalon are about to make a break out of the dome, and they give me this…”

Fade gets into his dark brown red police vessel, and whizs off down the road.

“How am I ever going to make Detective at this rate… This is ridiculous… A waste of my time.”

Fade’s patrol vessel approaches a large house on a hill… He holds up his badge to a visual device outside the gate.

“Lieutenant Black, Bay City Police…”

The gates open, and he drives in.

As Fade gets out of his car, he tosses his coat into his police vessel, and turns to walk towards the front door…

…standing in the doorway is a man in his early 30’s, dark hair, maybe 6′ tall…

…he just stares at Fade for a moment, then steps forward.

“Rain McCann, good to meet you Lieutenant.”

Fade reluctantly shakes his hand.

“This will only take a few minutes Mr. McCann,” Fade explains as the two enter the large house.

Rain takes Fade into a library, and pours him a drink.

“Oh, no, I’m on duty…” Fade holds out his hand blocking the drink.

“Yes… It’s not alcoholic,”

“Oh,” Fade replies, takes the drink, and sits it on a nearby table.

Rain sits, crosses his legs, and starts to pet the white cat that arrives on his lap.

“Ask away,” he speaks.

“Oh… Right,” Fade babbles, as he sits as well.

“The department sent me here to ask you about a man named ‘Rune’… I know what you’re thinking–” Fade is then interrupted.

“Rune… Yes… The man who captured our criminal population, and placed them in the Dome Prison they call Avalon…” Rain replies as he sips at his brandy.

“Why… Yes…” Fade is surprised to hear Rains response.

“Anyway… I’ve been heading up some research that has revealed that the Avalon crime boss Jonah is looking to make a break with many of his criminal followers…”

“That’s terrible,” Rain interjects.

“Yes… Well… The Department felt that we should try to make contact with this… Rune fellow… In case we may need him.”


Rain looks down at his watch which shows many lights indicating something.

“Can you give me a moment Lieutenant?” asks Rain as he rises and goes into another room, out of hearing distance.

“Uh… Yeah,” Fade barely replies before Rain is gone.

“Is this right?” Rain asks his computer system which his watch is connected to.


Rain pauses, then steps back into his library…

“Sorry about that… Hey, there’s something I want to show you, do you have time?” asks Rain as he clicks and opens a secret exit from the library into a lowly blue lit tunnel.

“Uh…” Fade stands, “…sure.”

The two of them go through the tunnel, and up a ramp leading to a KN7000 black vessel parked outside.

“Wow… Is that?” starts Fade.

“Yes… The KN7000… Only 6 in existence, would you like to see it more closely?” Rain asks as he clicks his watch, and the two doors swing upward and open.

The both sit inside it, the interior is mind boggling.

“Wow,” is all Fade can manage.”

“Yes…” Rain suddenly starts the engine.


He drops the doors, “Lets go for a spin, shall we?”

“I would love to, but I really need to finish my questioning about this Rune guy…” Fade implores as Rain is about to step on the gas…
“I am Rune…” he speaks…


…and they fly off the ramp, and land softly on the ground, tearing down the road.




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