Vegan Enchiladas

Hey guys, just an FYI, I created a new Vegan Cooking Blog… But it’s for anyone that likes food really, lol

IMG_1843Vegan Enchiladas

On September 25th I tried for the first time to make Vegan Enchiladas

Keep in mind that I had never made regular Enchiladas

So I was very curious how it would come out

In the end, I loved them,

These were a sort of experiment because on September 27th

We (The Family) were having a September Birthday get together

My Bday being on the 26th, and my brother in law’s on the 20th

Being they came out good, I made them for the gathering as well

As it was a Mexican Theme

There were slight differences in the two days ingredients, which I will indicate


Corn Tortillas (At least a dozen to be safe, or more if needed)

White Vegan Cheese (The first batch had a Vegan version of Mozzarella slices (Think American Cheese, but white))

Shredded White Vegan Cheese (I only used this in combination with…

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