Dark Rider – Return To Bas’adia

I’ll probably Reblog the whole series… Once again, forgive the grammar… Here’s Part 2

The Written Word

…after a Long Walk Down the side of the Mountain, the White Owl following close behind,

The Dark Rider would not return to his his Village… And he would not retrieve his Ebon Blade.

The Rendolyn Elf had given him back his life, and so the life he knew before was no more. He would seek out a Purpose, A Cause, a Meaning to his existence. In other words, he had absolutely no idea what he was going to do, nor where his Life Path would Lead him.

“You look tired… Old friend” A familiar voice came to him. It was Largoth, the Elven Thalon Mercenary he had befriended in Rodomor. “You are a site for soar eyes my friend…” The Dark Rider was quick to greet him warmly Arm and Arm. Largoth looked about, “But where is your Steed Tribune… Tell me you did not lose him in some…

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