Dark Rider – Ambush At Fallen Wood

The Written Word

As the Dark Rider, Largoth and Corwick’s Daughter Dylia made there way into The Fallen Wood… All was cast with an uneasy quiet.

Even the White Owl flew Above the Wood itself. No good would be found here, and the sooner they got through it the better. Though The Dark Rider himself did not seem overly concerned, Largoth and Dylia seemed exceedingly alert.

“This place makes me uneasy…” spoke Largoth. Hearing this did not please Dylia. “Perhaps it’s time I armed myself” she spoke, stopped, and started to put on some Warrior Gear.

“How’s this…” Largoth looked at her and nodded. The Dark Rider was not as easily impressed. “Eh…” he replied. Dylia smiled “You don’t like a Woman that can defend herself, eh… Might put you out of the Hero Business”.  The Dark Rider did not dignify this with a reply.

As the Nighttime Fell Upon them, the Forest…

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