Dark Rider – Corwick’s Wish

The Written Word

The Morning couldn’t have come soon enough… Mira was there, that meant there was more competition for Work than Largoth had forseen.

“I have lead you wrongly Dark Rider… The Work appears to be little, and the Mercenaries Plentiful…” The Dark Rider put his hand on Largoth’s shoulder “You Worry too much old friend”. Just then an Elven

Priest appeared. “You are the one they call Dark Rider?” Dark Rider looked first at Largoth, and then the Priest. “Yes?”

“I have need of your services… And your friend if you wish” “I wish…” Dark Rider replied. “You see this woman…”

“Uh… Yeah… I see her” the girl smiled at Dark Rider and Largoth. “She needs reach the Shores of Evalon as the third morning passes… It is Corwick’s Wish”.

“Corwick eh…” “The Girl’s Father” the Priest replied. “Alright… That wont be a problem” Dark Rider replied. “How much?” Largoth stepped…

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