Dark Rider – Shores of Evalon

The Written Word

At last Dark Rider and his party reached the Shores of Evalon, and the very modernized Village of Trone. Once they had slain the Man Golem Ogo, the rest of the journey was a bit more at ease. Though they were quite looking forward to dropping off Dylia.

“You shall be missed Dylia…” Largoth kisses her hand. Ok, maybe just the Dark Rider was looking forward to unloading her. They brought Dylia to her father Corwick, and made their way to the local Tavern “Evalon’s End” as it was called. “I shall get us some Ale…” spoke Largoth, as the Dark Rider sat back and eyed the place. Many Merchants were here, negotiating deals, or telling Tall Tales of Adventure. The Dark Rider laughed to himself, as he heard them unreal lies of great adventure, when in truth most of them had never left the Village. There was one Merchant…

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