Dark Rider – Enter the Drow (Dark Elves)

The Written Word

After searching the Wetlands of Cotrice, and the Valleys of Dondu, one thing was beginning to become quite clear to the Dark Rider and his Companions… They weren’t going to find the Scarlet Bandit this easily. Largoth had explained to Dark Rider that the Scarlet Bandit was no ordinary Thief… No, he held Alliances with such people as the Griffon Riders of Elue, the Orcs of Darkshrone, and the Nocturnal Race of Dark Elves, known as the Drow.

Of all of them, The Drow were the most Intelligent, and threatening. They were also the most likely candidate for finding out information about the Scarlet Bandits current whereabouts. And so they headed North West to the Great Kingdom of Nowynhall. Knowing full well, that the Scarlet Bandits Allies were all around them. Watching them, and surely sending word to the Scarlet Bandit, and/or his Outer Eyes as he referred to them.

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