Dark Rider – Nowynhall

The Written Word

As the night fell, the Dark Rider and Iloh, lead by the Drow, came through the dark mist that surrounded them… And then it appeared.

Nowynhall. The Legendary, bordering on Mythical Dark Elf City. It was… Enormous.

“I see you Drow don’t strictly stick to the trees…”. With this the Drow looked back at Iloh and gave a menacing grin.

Soon they would reach the city limits and their

first guard.

He nodded at their guide, and sneered darkly at the two humans, eyes glowing a dark yellow.

Meanwhile back at the waiting post, Ems had made a fire, and dugout some ale. Ukorian, unable to sit still for very long, was patrolling the camp.

Uneasy at best, Largoth stood at the northern edge of camp, looking outward. Elsya approached him. “You are worried…”. Largoth looked at her “Nah…” he replied. She in turn smiled slightly “Well, maybe…” he spoke…

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