Dark Rider – Breached Alliance

The Written Word

“You shall regret the day you entered our Wood, human…” the Drow spat at Ukorian.

“Your people are nothing more than a Pack of Thieves… Drow” Ukorian replied, and so the fighting continued… “CLANG! CLANG!”


“Stop you fools, or you shall alone start a War that neither of you will live to see” a voice came from above the Drow and Ukorian, and a great wind… As if something had flown over them.

To Ukorian’s surprise, it was Elsya… She had returned. But she was not alone…

Sweeping down upon a Dragon, she landed near the two of them.

“The two of you are acting above your position, which is basically none existent…”

“For who are you to stir such a thing between two Humanoid Nations…”

The two of them looked at one another at a loss, as they thought of it more as a common Bar Brawl, then…

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