Dark Rider – Certain Death

The Written Word

The next day Dark Rider and his party woke up to the strangest thing…

“Ornast come for payment… Ornast want it now” or rather the largest Orc, any of them had ever seen.

“Uhh…” Ems drew forth his axe, and nudged Ukorian, apparently both of them had fallen asleep on guard. Ukorian jumped up and drew his sword.

“What the??!” spoke Ukorian. There Ornast, a giant Orc, sat on a rock in front of them like he’d been waiting for a while for one of the party to awake. By now Iloh, Dark Rider, Largoth and Elsya had woken as well.

Dark Rider stepped forward “How may we be of service Orc…” with this Ornast stretched, and rose. “We capture Drow that follow you… Ornast come for payment”

With this Largoth stepped forward “We were being followed by a Drow?”

Ornast scratched his head “Ornast thought he already say that……

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