Dark Rider – Rumble at the Village of Mond

The Written Word

Suddenly three Orcs appear at the end of the Village.

“Don’t tell me you’re going to have a fight, and weren’t going to invite your friendly neighborhood orcs…” spoke the leader.

“This is none of your concern Orc…” replied the Scarlet Bandit.

“If the price is right… Than it is… Our business”.

“Enough!!” the Drow Assasin suddenly called out, and hurls two daggers at the Orc Leader’s throat “Glarggg!!” striking him dead.

“And so it begins…” speaks Ukorian. The Drow Assasin then comes at Ems and Ukorian, who parry him as best they can, as he is quick.

Meanwhile Iloh attacks the Drow Ranger, and the Dark Rider and Largoth take on the other Drow. The two remaining Orc’s also move at the Drow with Largoth and Dark Rider.

“Come for us… We are ready for you” spat the Drow.

Suddenly the Drow Ranger, realizing that they are out numbered…

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