Dark Rider – Heroes Calling

The Written Word

An unexpected guest, bringing unsettling news arrived in the simple village of Rodomor that morning… And the home of Largoth.

Her name was Sunsya… And she had come from Rendolyn, and the Rendolyn Elves… Elsya’s home, and the Dark Rider’s Allies.

She entered the village in a storm, riding her transformed mate, Englia… Who was in his form of a Great Tiger.

As Sunsya dismounted in front of Largoth’s home, she was quickly greeted by Elsya…

“Elsya you must come!!” she demanded.

“What is it Sunsya?” Elsya questioned.

By this time The Dark Rider, Largoth and Em’s had also come outside.

Sunsya was about to tell Elsya, when she saw the others approach.

“They are to be trusted Sunsya… Please, tell me what’s happened…”

And so she continued “There is an unrest to the North… Several Dark Warriors have been summoned, as well as a Sorcerer, to lay siege on…

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