Riku – Ambush

bakumatsu-rock-1-1Riku – Ambush

by dArKjAdE-






Aboard a private flight ship just entering New York City Air Space Japanese German Rock Star, Riku.

Riku peers out the window of his private plane at the city below.

“This Is Very Odd… An Out Of The Blue Invite From My Japanese Aunt, Aika, To Her New York Penthouse For A Pre-Holidy Shindig… Very Odd Indeed”

Riku’s plane lands, and he is escorted to a white Limo transport sent from his Aunt Aika, the Prime Minister of Japan.

“RIKU!!” his fans yells as they see him pass by…

“I Admit I Do Miss Her Cooking From When I Was A Child In Japan… I Spent Many Summers With Her And Her Late Husband…”

The Limo vehicle arrives at the high rise of Aika’s penthouse.

He travels up 50 floors to the top, where she owns the whole floor.

At his side his side his two trusty bodyguards, strong, and armed.

The elevator door slides open, and his Aunt Aika runs into his arms with smiles, and tears in her eyes…

“Riku! I can’t believe you made it…” she exclaims as she hugs him tightly.

His two bodyguards look at one another, never have seeing Riku with any relatives, and/or friends for that matter…

“Good to see you Aunt Aika,” Riku explains as he looks over her shoulder to see a dozen or so of her close friends, and business associates eating hors d’oeuvres, and pretending not to watch the Rock Star’s every move.

“All the norms I see…” he says as she backs away still holding onto his shoulders looking him over.

She notes right away that he’s changed his hair from black to white.

“Your hair?” she exclaims with a smile as he leads him to his room with his bag.

“For the occasion,” he replies as he sits his bag into the very nice guest room.

“NEW YORK NEW YORK,” can be be heard playing form the other room.

“Frank Sinatra, nice,” Riku exclaims.

The rest of the evening is Aika introducing her nephew to her friends and close associates, with one person saved for the last.

Just as they’re about to sit at a long table set for 14, the 18 year old Tibetan Monk Lo Lin enters the chamber, robed in two different shades of orange… Not to mention some red and black for good measure.

“Hello Riku…” he speaks softly as he bows.

“Ok… Something’s Up… The Presidents Advisor Here Is Pretty Strange…”

Riku bows back, to Lo Lin’s surprise.

After dinner, Lo Lin and Aika ask Riku into a private study, where they approach him.

“Riku… As you know, our country is in a very precarious position with Mучити, the Ukrainian Leader…” Lo Lin explains as he pours himself some tea.

“Truth be known… I figured we would have surrendered to them during those meetings… A bit surprised we didn’t to be honest… But what do I know… I’m just a musician,” Riku replies.

Aiku looks at Lo Lin.

“Well… You know more than you realize… Mучити did in fact request all countries surrender… But I was able to settle him down a bit…” Lo Lin explains.

“He bought us two weeks my nephew… Which is all the more reason why you must agree to what Lo Lin is about to request…” Aika desperately interjects.

“What? What could you possibly want from me?

“Here We Go…”


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